Vodafone Direct Trick – July 2016 [Openly Posted]

We All Know That Airtel Direct Trick is Blocked Almost in Every States or having speed Cap issue, i will soon post Airtel Direct Trick Speed cap solution, but now its time for Vodafone. Yes you Heard right Its time for vodafone direct trick !
What is Direct Trick ?
When no Proxy, VPN required for trick, that is called Direct Trick. And you will get full speed like Paid Net!

Hello guys we are back with new Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet Direct Trick July 2016, Today we are sharing a trick for your Vodafone Mobile! In this tutorial i will share a step by step guide for use Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet Direct Trick July 2016. So now you can enjoy Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet Direct 3G Trick in your android mobile as well as in PC, before few days i got many mails about my old posts, and peoples says your old tricks not working now, So now we have a working updated Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet  Direct 3G Trick – July 2016 Trick which is Openly Posted or Without any ads & survey If you also find new updated and 100% working tricks in google for using Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet July 2016? then this post only for you guys. Because i have a working and confirmed trick, So you have to follow the below steps, and set the settings in Hammer vpn, and you can also use Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet June/July 2016 in your mobile.

Requirements to use Vodafone Direct July 2016 –

High Speed Direct trick
  • Works Only in 3G

  • No Speed Capping
  • No Sim Block
  • Speed is Depend on Network!!

Features of Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet Direct Trick July 2016 –

  • Working in Zero Balance.
  • Working in Many States of India.
  • No Need Of Any VPN & Proxy.
  • No Need Premium Account
  • Full Tested by Our Team Members
  • Speed 500KBps in 3G! [Speed is Depend On Your Network!]
  • Without Survey [Openly Posted]

How to use Vodafone Unlimited Free Internet Direct Trick :-

  1. First make sure you have a 3 months old sim and 0 balance so that you can take a loan.
  2. Then Take 5 rs or 10 rs loan from your Vodafone Sim.
  3. Then remove it for 48 hrs from mobile. After 48 hrs your balance will become negative.
  4. Vodafone do not cap speed in negative balance so you can use it with a 3g FUP plan.
  5. In some states like kerela, it is working without 3g plan. But Your balance  must be negative to use this trick.
  6. Confirmed working in kerela without 3g plan. and with 3g FUP plan in Haryana sim only.
  7. Enjoy !!


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