Get Free Macbook/Iphones | Free worldwide Shipping {Proof + Guide Included}

This is a website where you collect points and use them during restocks to get gifts completely for free! See shipped proofs at the end of this post ;)

Earning points is so easy and not time-consuming (just 2-3 clicks) ! 

How to collect points (GN):
- Login daily and click the "Collect daily points"
- Complete missions by answering the daily poll (a single choice question)
- Invite new members

Standard members earn 1 point for each of the actions above, while Gold members earn double the points! To receive the Gold rank (and get a free t-shirt along with it) need 30 invites.

Do NOT cheat to earn points faster, be legit!
Site is terminating false/inactive accounts and dishonest members are losing their points.

Gifts are divided in 3 categories: Gadgets, Electronics and Accessories.
Here's a screenshot of some of the Electronics prizes:

Prizes aren't always available, you need to wait for the restocks to order them!

Site always announces the date of restocks.
Next restock: February.
Restocks only last for a few minutes, so you have to be really lucky or quick to order your prize.

How to Order?
Here's a screenshot of the order form during restocks: Name, Surname and Mobile are automatically filled in, you need to enter the rest of the data, solve the captcha and then click "Order prize now"! :)

Site is based in Poland (Europe) but they ship prizes to any country worldwide completely for free!
Prizes are shipped within 28 working days from order's date.

Sony In-ear Headphones
Points used: 60 GN
Ordered on: Dec, 31st
Shipped on: Jan, 15th
Received on: Feb, 2nd
Prize received completely for free! No costs and no shipping fees!
Value is $19.99 (source: Sony website)

How to Easy Way Check Cvv Valid or Not 1000% Working

1. Select any item and put quantity of product want to purchase.

2.Type fake Contact Information.

3.Type your credit card information

4.type billing address as credit card holder's info.

5.Select credit card type.

6. Click on "Continue with order"

7.Next step if card is valid, it going to get shipping address page, if card is dead then system will notifying you.


Credit Card Hackers Figured Out How To Break Chip-And-PIN Security

Cyber criminals have already figured out a way to hack the new chip-and-PIN credit card system currently being introduced at businesses throughout the United States. Five French citizens have been convicted of manipulating vulnerabilities in the system with a card-switching technique that included substituting the PIN on a stolen card with a cheap piece of plastic.

French researchers from the École Normale Sperieure, a technology university, published a research paper revealing the case of five thieves who were arrested in 2011 and 2012 for spending 600,000 euros (roughly $680,000) with stolen credit cards. Using X-ray analysis and other microscopic scans, the researchers figured out that the criminals actually inserted a second chip onto stolen chip-and-PIN cards, enabling them to dupe the PIN verification on many registers' point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

The fake chip, known as a FUNcard, enabled the thieves to carry out a Man In The Middle attack, which involves intercepting communications on the point-of-sale (POS) terminal. When a shopper inserts his or her card into a POS terminal, the terminal automatically tries to verify its authenticity. In this case, the FUNcard was waiting with its own, fake “yes” signal when the authenticity check arrived.

“The attacker intercepts the PIN query and replies that it's correct, whatever the code is,” ENS researcher Remi Geraud toldWired magazine Tuesday. “That's the core of the attack.”

Until 2011, the concept of spoofing the PIN on a chip-and-PIN card was largely theoretical. A group of Cambridge University researchers discovered similar flaws, but this French crime ring appears to have been the first time the trick was discovered in the wild. Malicious software used on ATMs in Russia and Europe has also broken through chip-and-PIN safeguards, allowing thieves to drain ATMs of cash in at least one case.

Aircel Free Internet Trick – Get 500MB 3G/2G Data For Free (Karnataka Users)

Aircel Free Internet Trick – Aircel is offering free internet to its users living in Karnataka state. Aircel is offering 500MB 3G/2G data for free by dialing a USSD. This is an amazing offer from aircel. This offer is valid for users living in Karnataka only. This offer can be availed by prepaid users only and the validity of 500MB 3G/2G data will be 10 days. Now to use aircel free internet trick follow the steps below.
Aircel Free Internet Trick

How To Get 500MB 3G/2G Data For Free By Using Aircel Free Internet Trick :-

Note – Offer may not work for all users but still give it a try.
1) Open your mobile’s dialor
2) Dial *121*500#
3) You will get this message – “Thanks for subscribing for free 500 MB Data. Offer benefits will be credited shortly
4) Wait for few minutes
5) That’s it. Your account will be credited with 500MB 3G/2G data for free.
Terms & Conditions :- 
1) Offer is valid for Karnataka users.
2) Offer can be used only once.
3) Offer is valid for aircel prepaid users only.
4) The validity of intenet data will be 10 days.

Airtel 3G High-Speed Tcp Vpn Trick For Pc Users With Turbo Speed Downloading - June 2016

Hello Friends, Now am gonna share you this high-speed 3g trick for pc users with pd proxy. we all are know airtel udp ports are blocked from yesterday, so, pc users cannot use pd proxy and use free internet in there pc/desktop. let's follow below steps to use this turbo speed vpn trick in pc.


  • High-Speed 3G/4G
  • Working In 0 Balance
  • No Data Balance Required.
  • works with default apn : airtelgprs.com


  • 3G Enabled Airtel Sim. 
  • Maintain 0 Balance
  • Pd Proxy Vpn

How To Use this Airtel Pd Proxy Tcp Trick:

  • Download Pd Proxy Vpn
  • Now Install It On Your Pc.
  • Create New Free Account In Pd Proxy - From Here
  • Now Open Pd Proxy And Enter Your Login Details
  • Click On Pd Proxy Settings And Click Proto Options.
  • Choose Tcp Port As - 443 (or) 137
  • Now Navigate To Parent Proxy
  • Put Proxy Ip -
  • Port - 8080
  • Now Open Headers, And Paste The Below Headers.


  • Now Save & Go Back. Choose Protocol As Tcp
  • Connect And Enjoy Free High-Speed 3G In Your Pc/Laptop with Airtel Sim.
More Working Proxies:
Port : 8080 For All Above Proxies.

How To Hack Whatsapp Account In Just 5 Minutes With Whatsapp Spy

Hello users , Before this we posts many hacking tricks this time we post simple whatsapp hacking trick by this you can get your friends all whatsapp messages in seconds just you install a spy app in their mobile after install this app is hidden from their menu and you get their message in online spy account so guy lets start the trick


  • Victim's Mobile
  • Spy Application
  • Some Time & Criminal Brain...

Step By Step Guide To Hack:

  • Download Whatsapp Spy App
  • Now introduce and open spy application in casualty versatile
  • Signup in spy application [using your own email and password] in your victims mobile.
  • Now Goto Settings/security/gadget organization and Activate Spy App organization.
  • Spy App will Hidden from Menu.
  • All Done,now reboot your victim mobile

How To Get victim's Logs:

  • Visit Here To Spy App Page
  • Now Login With Your Details
  • Now you will see numerous choices simply tap on your companions Phone No
  • That’s everything done Now you can see your companions at whatever time.