Burp Suite Pro v1.5.20+Cracked Version, Scan Website Vulnerably 2016

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application's attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities. Burp gives you full control, letting you combine advanced manual techniques with state-of-the-art automation, to make your work faster, more effective, and more fun.


  • An intercepting Proxy, which lets you inspect and modify traffic between your browser and the target application.
  • An application-aware Spider, for crawling content and functionality.
  • An advanced web application Scanner, for automating the detection of numerous types of vulnerability.
  • An Intruder tool, for performing powerful customized attacks to find and exploit unusual vulnerabilities.
  • A Repeater tool, for manipulating and resenting individual requests.
  • A Sequencer tool, for testing the randomness of session tokens.
  • The ability to save your work and resume working later.
  • Extensible, allowing you to easily write your own plugins, to perform complex and highly customized tasks within Burp.

ITS Easy To Use and HAve Powerfull Features : 
Burp is easy to use and intuitive, allowing new users to begin working right away. Burp is also highly configurable, and contains numerous powerful features to assist the most experienced testers with their work.


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How To Find Cardable Shops 2016


I’d like to talk a little about finding cardable online shops. It would be useful for some beginners. So firstly go on google.com and search for a partiuclar product that you would like to card such as a laptop. Then select a shop from the search list and continue.

Once you’ve chosen a shop you need to check if its cardable. Use a CC and try to order to the card holder’s address something in the region of $300-$400 (for example PDA, MP3 player or another shiet like this). Also to avoid too much attention do not choose express delivery, choose something not so expensive such as 2 day mail option.

Now wait a day or so and if you then get a "congratulations" "order complete" "order shipped" notification, you’ve found cardable shop. Now hit the same shop for a reasonable priced item and this time select the shipping as your drop and do not use express delivery.

Paypal,Chase,Apple,Skrill Scam Page 2016/2017 + Private Mailer +Letter + Proof

Undetected + True login + full infos - undetected (anti fishing) -Auto detect country -Have good verification of all entrer information -Auto protection BOTs (auto update black list) -Mini information checker -Multi encryption and bypass all AV (Never Down) -Multi sending possibility news : I add -Auto language -Auto update -Fixed bug , page bank inf Paypal









Myntra Carding Method Plus Bin With Proof

Hello Hackers,
 A New Carding Tricks Of myntra Which Is Working And Tested By Us. we Are Already Shared About Bookmyshow Carding Method.You Looted A Lot BookMyShow. So This time For Another One.myntra Carding Is Not So Difficult If You Are Little Bit Genuis.HOPEFULLY WE DECIDED TO SHARE THIS METHOD FOR NEWBIES FOR FREE BECAUSE OF NEWBIES AND WHO WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT WE DECIDED TO PUT THIS METHOD FOR FREE.So let'S Start Carding Of myntra:-

How To card Myntra :-

  • Firstly Download Myntra Shopping App in Your Smartphone. 
  • Then Register and Select Any Product Less than 5k Rs i.e., 4900rs.
  •  For Carding Myntra, you need This Country or This Country Bin. And Connect To Any Free VPN or Socks5 Of That Country
  • Then Move to Checkout Option
  • Select Credit/Debit Card Purchase That Country Bin Credit/ Debit Card From Any CC Shop or Contact from Us For Purchasing CC. 
  • When You Will Be Forwarded To Payment gateway, You Will Be Ask For The Registrations, Click on Register Later. 
  • Voilla, Your Order Success. Go to My Orders, And Cancel That Order. 
  • You Will Get Refund Instantly At My Cashback Point.
  •  One Credit card limit is 4999rs only,
  • You can use other credit card and Add upto 40K rs in Your One Myntra Cashback point.
  •  Remember This Bin Is Not Free. It Costs 700 rs. And If U Want Live CC, Then Pay Us 1000rs. 
  • Those BMS Wallet Balance Was on Hold to Us, Then They Can Use That Credit On Purchasing Bin/CC.
  • Sorry For The Inconveniece, 
  • We Will Not Take Any Risks Of Blocking Of Your Account Or Anything Wrongs Happens With You!!!!

Proof :-

Latest Snapdeal Carding Method 2016

Hey Moneyarea4all Lovers,
.Welcome To This Crazy site Of Hacking And Cracking.This Time Is For Another One.We Already Share Many Carding Tutorial Like BMS , Flipkart And Myntra. This Time Is For Another One.We Gonna To share Snapdeal Carding Tutorial Which Is working Perfectly. So Lets Start This Amazing Carding Tutorial.So Let's Start This Trick.

How To Easily Card Snapdeal :-

The Method Is very Easy And Simple
Snapdeal Security Is Weak Nowadays
U Can Easily Card It Via This Method

1.Get A USA Amex Card Of Bin - 379713 or379711 
Any Bin 37971* Series Would Work
Must Be Good Balance For Working With Cardholder Name Too

2.No VPN or Socks is Needed But You Must Use Security For Being Safe

3.Open and Select Product Upto 29k and Checkout With CC

4.Billing Address Is Your Drop Or Shipping Address

5.You Will Receive A Confirmation Call That You Placed An Order So Keep Your Mobile Number and Email Address Correct

6.When They Come For Delivery They Will Call You Just Accept The Package And Sign For It

7.Sometimes They Ask For Verification , Like Driving License Or Passport Or Whatsoever

8.If They Click A Picture Dont Allow Them Because It May Cause Problems
Just Deny And They Will Go Away

9.In Review Give Negative Feedback For Sure

10.Enjoy The Item

Easy Ways Fix DNS Lookup Failed On Google Chrome Browser

DNS lookup failed on Google Chrome browser which says “The Server at www.example.com Cant’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed” is one of the most irritating errors which users face. It can be easily fixed, but people are not aware about the methods or ways to fix DNS lookup failed error. This error is mostly faced by users in Google Chrome browser. Yeah, you can switch to other browser to get rid of this error, but we all know that Chrome is the best web browser for mac and windows available right now. So we will recommend you to fix DNS lookup Chrome error, instead of uninstalling Chrome.
DNS Lookup failed
Before moving on to the DNS lookup failed error solution, first let us tell you that what is DNS lookup failed error. DNS lookup failed either when you internet connection is not working or when the DNS Server is not Responding. DNS lookup failed is same to DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error and DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error in Google Chrome browser.So here in this post we are going to tell you about the best ways to fix DNS lookup failed error on Google Chrome browser. Let’s get started.

Ways To Fix DNS Lookup Failed On Google Chrome On Windows 7/8/8.1/10

There are many solutions available to fix DNS lookup error. As there are many ways it can be caused. So we will tell you about some popular ways to fix DNS lookup error, which works for almost all.

Change Default DNS Server On Your Computer

As we have already told you that DNS lookup error can be caused because of DNS connectivity failure. So you can change the DNS servers to make it work again. Just follow steps mentioned below, and we hope your problems will be solved by following them.
  • First of all, you will have to open Network and Sharing Center on your Windows. You can do it either by right clicking on Network Icon, or go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center
  • After getting into the Network and Sharing Center, click on currently connected Network Adapter.
Click on connected network
  • Now a popup will appear and there click on Properties
  • Now after clicking on Properties, visit the Networking Tab and click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then select Properties.
  • Now a new pop-up will appear on your screen, in that box. Select Use the following DNS server addresses and enter following DNS as
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:
change dns
  • Now Click on OK and reboot your system and connect to the internet

Fix DNS Lookup Error Using CMD (Command Prompt)

Fixing DNS lookup error using command prompt is much easier as you just have to run some commands in the CMD window with administrative privilages.
  • Open Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Run one by one the below commands,
  • Now Restart your Computer and Connect to internet. Hope your problem will be solved.

Clear The Cache and Cookies To Fix DNS Lookup Error

Though the 2 methods mentioned above works almost all of the times, but still if you are not able to solve DNS lookup failed error on Google Chrome, then there might be problem with your browser. In that case you can resolve the issue by following below steps.
  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • On the toolbar, click on the Chrome Menu icon.
  • Now from the menu, click on ‘Settings’.
  • Now scroll down, till you see ‘Show Advanced Settings’. Click on it, and Google Chrome will open some more settings for you.
  • From that, click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen. From that tick mark on Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and Other Site and Plug-in Data and Cached Images and Files.
  • In the Obliterate the following items from option, select The Beginning of Time and click on Clear Browsing Data
clear cache and cookies
  • Once the process gets finished. Restart your entire system and your internet might work properly.


Google Chrome is definitely a great web browser as it have many features in it, which other web browsers doesn’t offer. It is well known for its speed, syncing facility and security. DNS lookup failed error can arrive anytime on any web browser if your internet is not working properly, but DNS lookup error is very common among Google Chrome users, so we thought to share solution of DNS lookup failed error on Google Chrome. If you know about any other way to fix DNS lookup failed on Google Chrome, then let us know about it via comments below.

How To Get All Facebook Credentials Without Hack Facebook Account

Best Facebook account hacking tricks and tips 2016 to get Facebook password and username. Are you trying to know the Username and Password for any FB Account but you dont want to hack their Account?That is possible!! Facebook is the most popular social media network on which about the whole world might have it’s own different accounts.

How to Get Facebook Credentials Without Hacking Facebook

1.Kali OS: The first thing that you has to do is that you have to install a different operating system on your computer i.e Kali OS. It is an Linux based operating system that has a great capabilities To perform hacking tricks. Windows or Mac are not an appropriate choice for hacking as these cannot perform such tasks that the Kalli Linux can do easily.Download and install Kali Linux OS on your computer, you can also dual boot this with your Windows or Mac.

2.BeEF: Also called browser exploitation framework (BeEF) is an in-built app that you will get with Kali Linux OS. Using this browser, you can’t hack the victims browser and take control of it.Open up the browser on your newly installed Kali OS. You can also use both the username and password as “beef” if prompted to login while launching BeEF.
3.Hack Browser: Now to hack the victim’s browser you will has to design a special type of javascript link to hook to their browser.Once the victim will click to your link that you will send then the victim’s browser will be hooked with your browser.Now you can go for the next step that follows.
4.Getting Credentials: Once you has successfully hooked the victim’s browser, you can then start the process for hacking the credentials.For that you has to open the “hooked browsers” panel that is placed on the left of your screen in your browser.You will be able to see the details of the victim’s browser.Now follow the below
“Commands>Modules Tree>Social Engineering>Pretty Theft”

This will now open up the Module Resuls History and Pretty thefts panel.Through this panel you can now send the pop up windows for Facebook and many other social media’s too.Just select up the Facebook option from the Pretty Theft window and after that press on the Execute Button down in the browser.This will now send the Pop up of facebook login to the victims browser.

5.Now if the user do Log In through the pop up window that you has sent then you has successfully hacked their credentials.Just go to the Command results window of the browser and check for the credentials.

You can find the username and password of the victim there on that window.
That’s Done! you has accessed the FB credentials without even attempting to hack the Facebook Account.