[ STEP TO STEP ] Run Many HitLeap Viewers In A Single PC

This Guide is gonna show You How you Can Actually Run Many Viewers in a Single PC.
Min PC Requirments:
- 3 GB Ram - Very necessary - RAM usage will be very High
- 1.5 Ghz Dual Core - Not so as RAM
- Always On PC
- Always on Internet Connection - Min 512 kbps+

If you don't wan' to keep your PC running FOREVER, I will make a Guide Soon about It .......

Lets calculate -
For eg- You have HitLeap Basic and You Run 6 Viewers.
So 70% ratios - 1008 minutes per PC in 24 hrs Period

6*24 hrs = 6048 = 6k Minutes Per day :)
Now 6048*30 days = 181440 Minutes per Month :)

[Image: 254326-1SDQ5V1407692697.jpg]


Step 1:

Download the Files:

VMWare Workstation 10 - - t0rrent
Windows XP Mini Experience. iso - t0rrent
If you don't have t0rrent clients, get t0rrent to direct by - zBigz

I recommend IDM If You Are Using zBigz.

Install those programs and Launch VMWare Workstation.

Step 2-
Click on create a new virtual machine

[Image: 254af9af0e377ba86a14f78dca2d6f74.png]
Chose custom then next and

[Image: de2089f4d9d7041cb6c589ee74855703.png]
Chose version

[Image: 21e0e9531a3b3718f79436b0288f23cd.png]
Then after you get To your processors Tab, choose yours. ( core )

Step 3:
Install The OS or if you need a help, Visit the link below.
( I didn't do this step b'coz it's not so hard )

Step 4:
Download the Hitleap Viewer and Hotspot Shield VPN ( From the Virtual Image XP, not HERE ).

UPDATE - You can Use OkayFreedom VPN instead of HotSpot Shield as It has 14 countries connection, while HHS has 6 ( i'd guess so kk)

Install it .

Step 5:
Now after you install it, drop the ram from 512 mb to 256 mb. This is because it takes a lot of ram and as u need more VM's, your RAM is get very low.

On the left side the machines are listed by name so just shut it down and right click it and chose settings.
That is where you can increase/decrease the ram usage a lot of different stuff.

When you're done with the settings and are ready to just turn it on and go nap/fap you can duplicate them and the settings etc will be the same.

So right click the machine then Manage>Clone let it run and when its done you can do it again and again untill you're satisfied.

Run the VPN and Also the Hitleap Viewer. And Enjoy.

This is how my Laptop Looks After this:

[Image: 04e92919c5f3c9e7ff4578699e61445e.png]
How does this work?
- The hotspot Shield VPN will change your ip in all the VM's. SO hitleap will think you are on different PCs and You can safely use Hitleap Viewer.

UPFDATE - You can Use OkayFreedom VPN instead of HotSpot Shield as It has 14 countries connection, while HHS has 6 ( i'd guess so kk)

Writing this took me a lot of time But thanks takes only 1 seconds SO guys please.......

Thanks and Enjoy :)

XBox 360 Code Generator Facebook Like Niche/Script 2015

XBox 360 Code Generator Facebook Like Niche/Script Preview:
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[Image: 23rp9on.jpg]


Is this 100% Un-encrypted?
Ans-Yes its not encrypted.

How to edit the Site name
Ans- From index.php . It is located in the footer section.

This Script gives me a error not found error. What can I do?
Ans- Well, this was made from a live site running on it. So you have to edit all the files on it. For eg
Change xbox360keys.com/xbox/steps.php to yourdomain/steps.php
These files are not so big so I rely on you for it's code :)

Whats the Advantage?
Ans- This script is a fake xbox360 keys script. It requires users to like and share your facebook page to get the keys.

How to edit the facebook Page?
Ans - In the Step 2 and 3 in steps.php file.

What is the /contact-files/ directory?
Ans- We have set up a contact page in the script. So we require a contacts dashboard. So we planned to install this.