Website We Are Going To Be Focused On Today : WALMART


How Walmart Dectects Fraud :

This System Is Still Being Used In 2013 [Was Fraud Specialist For Walmart Fraud Department]

STRIKE 1 Billing Info Mismatch (E.g Wrong Street Number/Zip Code/Billing Phone Number)

STRIKE 2 IP Does Not Match Credit Card Billing State, Or Socks5/Proxie/VPN Has Been DDcarder
(Yes Walmart Security Systems Detects This)

STRIKE 3 Shipping Address Is Different From Billing Address
[No Way To Avoid This As Long As You Don't Have Strike 1 OR Strike 2 Your Order Will Ship]

================================================== ========================

Step One [GET A GOOD CVV *MASTERCARD*] : You Will Need To Get A Good Credit Card With A High Validity Rate , In Order For Walmart To 100% Ship To Your Drop The Credit Card Billing Address Must Match 100% And So Must The Billing Phone Number. That Way You Don't Cause Any Alerts [SEE STRIKE 1]. Selecting The Right Credit Card Type Is Extremely Important. Cross Out Visa Because Walmart Has Verified By Visa Systems. Amex Sometimes Work But It's 50/50. I Recommend Using Master Card Gold/Plat/Biz/Corp Cards. Once You Have A Good CC Move On To Step 2.

Step Two [Getting A RDP] : Although Some People Can Argue That They Carded Walmart With Socks5 , They Just Got Lucky In Order To Insure That They 100% Ship Your Order. You Must Get A RPD Matching The Credit Card Billing State.(RPD - REMOTE DESKTOP THAT YOU CAN CONTROL). Once You Get A RDP Move To Step 3.

Image result for walmart

Step Three [EMAIL AND WALMART ACCOUNT] : Create A New Email Account (Yahoo/Hotmail) Make Email Contain Credit Card Holder Name (E.g "1stName.Lastname938@live.com"). After You Have Created The Email Go To Walmart.com Make A Account , Once You Have A Account Click On The My Account Option And Then Click My Payment Option And Click Add New Card. (Add The CVV You Are Going To Use) Once Card Has Been Added Sign Out , Clear Cookies. Once That Is Done Go Back To Walmart.com. After You Have Done This Move To Step Four (Last Step)/


Step Four [Carding INFO/Limit] : Once You Have Completed Step Three Select What You Want To Card
Keep Under $700 (Anything Above 700 Will Go Under Manuel Verification). Once In Cart Click Checkout , It Will Prompt You To Login , Login Using The Account You Created Then It WIll Prompt You To Enter You Shipping Address (In This Case You Drop Info) Make Sure That When You Enter Drop Name The Last Name Matches The Credit Card Holders Last Name! (E.g CC Holder Name : Kurupt.ru , Wilson , Your Drop Name Will Be Name , Wilson) Select The Fastest Shipping Method Card It And Your Done. (Don't Forget Your Doing All This On The RPD Matching CVV STATE)

How to Backup Android Phone 2015 [WITH NEW TRICK]

How to Backup Android : As is most used mobile OS. Many people keeps their data,photos,important contacts,mails etc. in mobile phone. So, what if you lost your all data :( then how can you recover it ? the best way is to backup android 2015. Now the question arises how to backup android. So, here i’m writing different  method.

 How to Backup Android

Below are the different methods to backup android 2015  :-

Using Google’s Backup And Restore Option

  • First of all go to the Setting, then Accounts and sync.
  • Tap to the Accounts and select ‘Auto-sync data’.
  • After this click on Google, and then on Gmail ID you used to access the device.
  • Now you can make the entire set of options functional, hence the entire Google based data gets passed over the clouds like contact details, image, etc.
  • Now move over to Settings, and then Backup & Reset.
  • Check ‘Back up my data’.
This will backup android 2015 data  on your memory card. You can also restore your data later.

# Backup Contacts Android 2015

Backup Android 2015 


If your Smartphone doesn’t have an inbuilt option to backup then you can backup your Contacts individually.
  • Open your Contacts.
  • In the Contacts click on Menu.
  • There will be an option like “Import/Export or Export To SD”. Click on that.
  • If you are asked for permission to create a Vcard, Click YES.
  • Then a copy of contacts will be created on your microSD card. Save it where you find it safe.

# How To Backup Android Contacts To Gmail

Android also offers your to backup android contacts using your gmail i.e by sync your gamil acoount.This is best way to backup contacts android 2015.
  • Open Setting option in your phone.
  • Now tap on  “Account and SYNC“.
  • Then after this just tap on your email address and then from menu tap on “Sync Now”.
  • This way your contacts and other app data will be saved on Gmail online.
  • You have successfully backup android 2015,you can access them form Gmail anytime.

How To Backup Android Apps 2015

There are many third party apps available for backup android 2015. But which one is best ? I’m sharing the best app to backup android apps 2015 :-
  • First of all download App backup & restore app form here.
  • Now just install and open the app to backup android 2015.
  • After this the list of installed apps will be displayed on screen just tap on the desired app or select all apps and click on backup to create the backup of selected apps.
  • The backup file in apk format is created under archived tab.

# Backup SMS Android 2015 :

There are many third party apps available for backup android 2015. But which one is best ? I’m sharing the best app to best sms backup android :
  • First of all download App backup & restore app form here.
  • Now just install and open the app to backup android 2015.
  • After opening the app tap on backup button to create the backup of sms.
  • It will gives you option to save it local i.e on sd card or on both sd card and on google drive.
  • You can restore sms later by tapping on restore button.
So,this is all about on how to backup android 2015.I hope with above methods you will be able to backup android 2015.If you are facing any problem while backup android 2015 then just comment it below!! Don’t forget to share this post among your friends .

Whatsapp Calling Apk 2.12.19-Now No Need To Activation

whatsapp calling apk 2.12.19 latest
whatsapp calling apk 2.12.19 latest
Hi MA4ALL readers
Its good news for everyone here and good news for whatsapp lovers as whatsapp is now started officially rolling out whatsapp calling feature..

*Latest*Whatsapp calling apk 2.12.19  -31 march 2015

So in the latest updated build 2.12.19 in which whatsapp is giving calling feature without receiving call from anyone.
Previously it seen that whatsapp activate this feature on server basis and you have to get call from some one who has already activated whatsapp calling feature but today after reviewing in so many forums ans websites its been confirmed that now you not have to get call to activate this feature

Here is latest whatsapp calling apk 2.12.19 download links

Just visit whatsapp official website here whatsapp.com  and do get latest build from that
Or just visit google playstore whatsapp link here  whatsapp calling apk 2.12.19
So thats it enjoy and download whatsapp calling apk 2.12.19 and start calling feature of whatsapp

Hacking Exposed Ebook - Web Applications 3

From the world renowned series of ebooks related to computer security comes:

Hacking Exposed Web applications 3

So what this ebook is about ? 

Web Applications are widely used on the internet today and are highly at risk from hackers and other malicious attackers. Web Applications Security therefore has become a must in the industry. Web Applications, Third Edition is fully updated to cover new infiltration methods and countermeasures.
For the hacker:
Learn how to exploit holes in web applications using SQL Injections techniques.
Learn how tools like Maltego work.
Learn how to Hack into Web Authentication technologies.
Find vulnerabilities in ASP.NET, PHP, J2EE and other technologies used to make web apps.
Learn about how browser-based and client-side exploits work.
Learn the most devastating methods used in today's hacks, including SQL injection, XSS, XSRF, Phishing, and XML Injection techniques.

[METHOD] Get a Free US EDU Backlink

Backlinks from quality pages are a key aspect in increasing your page's authority. One of the best is getting some .EDU backlinks under your belt.It's good method for me,since i need some authority backlinks for new niche site.Let me show you ,how i made a backlink for my site from this edu site.

Use this website,before it closes public registration

Go to this website and Register
Fill it up with all your personal details.

In the BIO section ,add your Contents that includes a backlink with your main keyword and naked link (highly recommended)

Make sure you change the Dropdown to Public

[Image: 1425883885_eySDQz8cDdWVrkj.png]

Then Go to below website
Ping the account you just made ,so that your backlinks get indexed in minimum time.

I hope , it'll benefit somebody.


[Image: ibcra8C3qxYv0Q.png]


CrazyTalk Animator 2 - Pipeline edition v2.1 + Bonus Pack

[Image: Main_Banner.jpg]
CrazyTalk Animator provides an exciting new approach to traditional 2D animation with innovative new tools that allow users to apply 3D motions to 2D characters. New powerful tools have opened new possibilities for freely editing 2D motions and viewing them from any angle with a single click. Combined with functional features like facial puppet and auto lip-sync, it has become the most creative software for 2D character animation.

Retail price: $299.95

Training resources (manuals and video tutorials:
Just follow the directions precisely in the .nfo file.

Important: block 3 .exe files (Both CrazyTalkAnimator.exe 32 and 64bit located in /Bin/ and /Bin64/) and /Common Files/Reallusion/LiveUpdate/RLLiveUpdate.exe in your firewall from accessing the internet otherwise this won't work.

When you launch the app, it freezes for like 20 seconds and you can't do anything. Then it unfreezes and works normally. I guess it is trying to "call home" then just gives up (because network connection is blocked) 

TumbStudio - Free Tumblr Bot - Manage Multiple Accounts

Hello it's me again :D
This time I got something really fancy for you (some of you may know me from my Tumblr Queue Bot) well I did a way more advanced version as promised and it's free. I will add more features in the future and I am always happy for new ideas.

I call my new "baby":TumbStudio

Some screens:

  • alive check for your accounts
  • save your accounts as project files
  • assign proxies to your accounts
  • post via queue to your tumblr accounts
  • manage multiple accounts
  • full spintax support

Hot does the bot work?

Basically you import accounts as "email;password;proxy-ip:port:username:password" proxies are optional but recommended. Then you select the folder of images you want to assign to the accounts, tags, description and clickthru then you set how many posts you want to post via the queue and click start - that's it. For real the bot is pretty much self-explanatory and I don't got the time for a deep inside support so please try to get a hang in there by your own :)



The bot is coded in Au3 so some crappy anti virus programs detect a false positive, if you don't trust the bot run it in a sandbox (for example Sandboxie) or don't use it.



Upcoming Features:

  • account creator (with automatic captcha solver)
  • reblog,like and follow script
  • post scraper


Account Creator Extreme 4.0 + Now With Bot Creator (20+ Supported Websites) 2015

 [Image: imagecvw.png] [Image: image2hc.png]
What's New-
Major Version Change
Bot Creator (make your own bots ftw)
Icons Added To Manual Submitter
History Copy To Clipboard (requested)
New Autofill Menu Features

Automatically Creates Accounts On 20+ Websites Including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, And Many More (Except Captcha)
Bot Maker (create your own bots and automate webpages)
Smart Autofill (submit even on unsupported sites)
Manual Submitter (submit to custom email sites with the autofill menu "right click")
Generates Full Profile With One Click
5 Built In Disposable Email Services (One Click)
Real Names and Usernames (Editable)
Proxy Support
Advanced Profile System
Advanced Settings
Customizable Theme
Handy Rightclick Autofill Menu
Over 200,000 Built In Names

Q: What does this program do?
A: This program creates accounts on multiple websites and saves the details for you
Q: Does this program solve captcha and phone verification?
A: No this program was coded in visual basic with basic coding skills I don't have the understanding.
Q: Does this program support proxies?
A: Yes i have tested public proxies with this program and aslong as they are fast they work fine
Q: When will this program be multithreaded and solve captchas
A: I don't know probably never, this program is coded by me and me only. I have basic knowledge of visual basic coding I don't sell this application so it will remain
pretty basic deal with it :-)
Q: How can i help this application improve
A: Please provide detailed feedback of any problems or feature requests you have or if you would like I accept donations witch will allow me to spend more time coding.
Q: Do you add websites upon request?
A: Sure if i check out the website and im able to automate the form i will add it, simple.
Q: This program does not work?
A: I have not been coding this program for very long I have only tested it myself on UK version of websites if it does not work and your from another country im sorry.
Q: The bot creator does not work?
A: The bot creator does not work on all websites it is only able to identify elements by ID or Name and will not work on flash websites.
Q: Why is this free, will you ever sell it?
A: This program is free because free stuff is awesome I doubt I will ever sell this application as I like to share it with everyone but I can't say never.

Virus Scan-


[GET] Amazon Social Crusher Includes OTOs

[AWESOME] Updated Skype Crashing Method Tool

I have just tested this personally, first time mine crashed and i'm pretty sure his did too but the second time he went offline and mine didn't crash
[Image: L51x2.png]

For Download Link

Virus Scan

Click Here


Skype to IP / IP to Skype tool + A free POWERFUL

Nice free skype to IP / IP to Skype tool!

Feel free to upvote if you resolved some peeps :P

 [A free powerful stresser] is great if you don't wanna pay!

Tried this resolver a few times, worked for me. And it's free so why not!

HackForum's Money Spawner -- Make $4k/month!~ 2015

AddMeFast Bot [1K+ Points An Hour] Working

I see a lot of people searching for AMF bot/scripts. Today I would like to share a bot I found while surfing internet. Hope it will help some people here.
This is the site I download bot from. They got other bots too. The site needs a signup before you download anything.

Bot Looks Like this.
[Image: w7q4nDS.png]in new window.

Instructions are given bellow very easy to understand.
Website: http://www.pohmeliy.com/

Direct Download Link: http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/9iYcuWai/file.html

If it don't work you can signup here http://www.pohmeliy.com/ and download latest version.

Virus Total:

  I am not the bot owner nor the site owner.

++(WSO) Hot Video Traffic-Niche YouTube and Traffic-Nuff Said!++

Hot Video Traffic!
"How I Easily Find Hot Niches, Create YouTube Channels, And Get A Boat Load Of Traffic, All...Without SEO!"

From the laptop of Lee Cole.

Hello Fellow Video Marketer!

I use video a lot, both as an affiliate marketer and as an offline marketer. In my new report/video course, "Hot Video Traffic", I show you step-by-step how I easily create YouTube channels that get a ton of traffic without ever doing any backlinking, or any type of off page SEO.

I use this traffic for a variety of purposes in my various businesses. Some I use in my offline business, some as an affiliate marketer.

Let me show you what I'm talking about.

Check out this screen shot from my video rank checker.

[Image: bitcoin_image_2cropped.png]

What you're looking at is 22 videos and their traffic. Total time spent in creating this entire channel was probably less than 2 - 3 hours. The oldest video here is about one week old at the time I took the screen shot. (The bottom 9 videos were added only a day before the screen shot.)

This is all real traffic and likes. Nothing "store bought" LOL.

Here's the kicker...

All I did to create this traffic was upload the videos and fill in the description box! That's all! No backlinking. No social media. Nothing!

Being able to create this kind of traffic so easily is hugely beneficial to any type of internet marketer, on or offline.

I've written a report that shows you exactly how I'm doing this. Step-by-step. I've left nothing out.

The report is called "Hot Video Traffic"! In addition to the report, there are 4 videos that show you the more detailed parts of this.

Here's what you'll learn when you buy "Hot Video Traffic"...

-- How I'm monetizing this traffic...(Got a few "no-brainers" ways of doing this)...page 3

-- How to find the right niche...(Takes about 45 seconds, if that)...page 3

-- How to set yourself up so you can siphon traffic off of your videos and send it anywhere...(Again, Easy!)...page 4

-- The best way to create a YouTube account for this method...(Critical to ranking!)...page 4

-- How I target the right keywords...(Easy! Takes about 5 min, if that)...page 4

-- Super easy and quick ways to make videos...(I don't believe in stress, or work, for that matter)...page 4

-- How I do on page optimization on YouTube for these videos...(I write no copy myself, nor do I buy any! It's all completely legit, though. )...page 5

As you can see, this is a short report. It's also accompanied by 4 online videos.

All in all, you get complete instructions on how to do what I'm doing.

So...this should cost a bunch, right?


I'm on a mission this year to help as many people as I can make money online. Because of that, I'm only charging $3 for this.
Selling Page:

Virus Total:


[GET] Mobile Lead Monster 2015 - Local SEO Software

[Image: mobile_LEADmonste.jpg]

Mobile Lead Monster is a Geo-Targeted Leads Software Built For Mobile And Local Marketers.

With Mobile Lead Monster you can:

– Generate Unlimited Leads
– Works on both Windows and Mac
– Works anywhere in the world
– Find geo-targeted leads (radius search)
– Built in mobile website analyzer
– Provides real time accurate data
– Allows you to export leads in one click

[Image: mobilelead.png]



Download links:

VT link:

P.S. Software might show false positive due to nature of the cr@ck but dont worry! If you do you can always run it in virtual enviroment...

[GET] Wordpress Scraper-Commenter (All-in-One Wordpress Comment Posting Solution!)

[Image: wordpress.png]
Wordpress Scraper-Commenter is aimed to be your all-in-one wordpress comment posting solution!

Features: - Easy to use
- Allows multithreading.
- Can scrap wordpress blogs from Google and Google local.
- Can scrap wordpress blogs for Bing and Yahoo.
- Scraper can have custom footprint (so can be used to scrap other things as well)
- WordPress comment poster.
- WordPress comment approval tester.


[HOT] »» 3x White/Blackhat Niche - Very useful for beginners! - Low Competition ««

Hey Guys,

The most of my knowledge about CPA and stuff is from this forum.
That's why i want to contribute something back to this forum.
So I've decided to share 3 niches, especially for beginners.

Summed up they're getting around 42k searches every month.
I would very appreciate it, if everyone using this niches could post his earnings. Money
Happy earnings!

Niche #1 [BH]
[Image: b0ca8f4a17f8ea694ee5af7f35a84e97.png]

Niche #2 [WH]
[Image: a3b9a552f1f51b0d11e3d00854718f28.png]

Niche #3 [BH]
[Image: b0ae1c5fa935ea20e59334862897f832.png]

[HOT] How I Got 10.000 Facebook Fans in 24 days! Complete Facebook System

[Image: sqdNucf.png]

Hello Frnds,
Enjoy This Awsome Tricks

Sales Page:


[TUT] Facebook Mobile Verification Trick/Bypass [VIDEO ADDED]

This tutorial will show you how to bypass facebook mobile verification , which mean you can create verified facebook accounts.



1.Open http://www.iptel.org , click " Subscribe!", then register a new account.

[Image: HU9c9dK.png]

A confirmation code will be sent to your mail, click the confirmation link to activate your "iptel" account.

2.Download and install X-Lite :

Download X-Lite for Windows
Download X-Lite for Mac

X-Lite Website :: http://www.counterpath.com

3.Open http://www.ipkall.com , click "sign up".

[Image: OYxiUAP.png]

In sign up page you need to fill your account information that you received on your email after you register in : iptel.org .

username : YOURUSERNAME@iptel.org

[Image: 7MLOUMS.png]

You will receive an email with registration details, use this details as your account settings in X-Lite.

4. Open X-Lite on your desktop, click " Softphone " then " Account Settings ", fill your details and click " ok " to save.

Green circle " Available " means your details are correct and your connected.

5.In this Step you will need to use a United States proxy , in order to get " Giving me a call " option beside " Sending me a text " .

Install Hola! proxy : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detai...meio?hl=en

Open https://facebook.com

while your on facebook main page , click and active Hola! proxy , choose united states .

it should looks like same as this picture:

[Image: 6jpFSWj.png]

Log in to your facebook account, navigate to your mobile setting , use the phone number which you received after registered in : ipkall.com

[Image: RyhX9zt.png]

[Image: V9uUXar.png]

Click "Giving me a call", wait for your X-Lite to ring , answer the call and type your verification code.

[Image: moCz3Jk.png]

NOTE: This trick works in all websites that need mobile verification under one condition , that the website should offer a phone call beside sending sms.
Reply Back if you get it to work.

Hacked PayPal to Bitcoin (No VirWox) 2015

Hi guys!
This is a simple tutorial for exchaging hacked paypals to Bitcoins.
Image result for HACK PAYPAL TO BITCOIN Requirements:
-VIP72 VPN or other good VPN
-Some hacked paypals
-VBA(Virtual Bank Account) with FAKE infos
-1 unveridied and 1 verified fake paypal
-1-2 hour
Image result for HACK PAYPAL TO BITCOIN PART 1: PayPal cahsout
1.Clear cookies, use VPN and create 1 fake ppl with VBA and VERIFY it!
2.Clear cookies, chanege to random VPN and create 1 unverified fake paypal.(Wait 30min)
3.Clear cookies, change VPN to hacked paypal location and send 50$ as GIFT to fake paypal.
4.Send 50$ till you limit the hacked paypal.
5.Change back VPN to unverified fake paypal and DONATE immediatelly to verified fake paypal.
6.Get new hacked paypal and repeat step 2-5.
Proceed to step 7 after you reach MAX 1000$!
7.Clear cookies, change VPN to verified fake paypal and withdraw to VBA.
8.Wait 3-4 days and cross fingers. You should get your money!

PART 2: VBA usage
Part 1 is anonymus since you didn't used any personal info and you did hide your IP!
But if police really wants to find you they can detect what you have done with your VBA.
-If you ordered to your real house, you are fucked.
-If you used Wester Union for yourself, you are fucked.
-If you done anything that can be associated with you, you are really fucked.

So how to be competelly anonymus?!
Buy Bitcoins! All exchangers accept WU, why you should risk yourself?
1.Clear cookies, use verfied fake paypal VPN!
2.Register to WU with the fake VBA details.
3.Send money to exchanger and get BTC.

After you got your Bitcoins you are GOLD. They will never find you.
Its easy and anonymus!

Hijacking Free Blogs To Get High Pr Domains 2015

Wanted to share a little tip I learned at another forum. It's recommended that you have Scrapebox to execute this properly.
Image result for Hijacking Free Blogs To Get High Pr Domains 
 The idea is to get high PR blogs for yourself that are expired/deleted, so you re-register them.
STEP1 Harvest urls: type in Scrapebox site:wordpress.com and feed a lot of keywords
STEP2 Check pagerank for these url's
STEP3 Run the list of PR1+ domains through Scrapebox Add-On livechecker
STEP4 Re-register the domains that are dead according to the livechecker

And there you have your own high PR site. I now have 3x PR2 and 1x PR3 in a couple of hours, I harvested around 100.000 urls. Tip you use another platform then Wordpress since they don't allow to re-register expired/deleted accounts but there are plenty of others that do allow it


STEP1: Scrape a list of url's for LiveJournal.com
STEP2: Check pagerank
STEP3: Run them through Addon live checker
STEP4: There is a little catch on this, you have to pay $15,- to re-register the domain.

Proof of concept: Got this PR4 domain for $15,- chloe-saunders.livejournal.com when you visit the blog you see that I linked back to my affiliate page for Fresh Store Builder, despite that the link is no-follow at live journal just type in Fresh store builder or fresh store builder review and you'll see that I rank at page 1 for both at position #2 and #1 right below the original site. Must admit I ranked at page 1 already but still. Quiet some impact 1 single PR4 link with the correct anchor

METHOD-3: (revised tumblr trick)

STEP1: Create an account at Tumblr.com
STEP2: Harvest a list of high PR blogs using this searchstring: site:tumblr.com/post/ that way you get the pages of the blogs
STEP3: Fill in your own website in the tumblr profile
STEP4: Reblog the pages that you scraped

At each blog page that you reblog your link will be visible and because you filled in your website URL in your profile it will show your website link on each page. The link will be dofollow. I advice to run the harvested url pages through the outbound link checker so that you only reblog pages with less then 30 outbound links. I did this myself yesterday and I now have a list of 800 PR4+ pages that I can reblog. That means 800 PR4+ dofollow backlinks to my moneysite. At Fiverr you can buy like 30 Tumblr accounts for $5 and repeat this trick as often as you like. Again important to only reblog pages with max 30 outbound links. My strategy is to reblog max 20-30 pages of PR5 domains to stay under the radar.

You won't get a high PR instantly but with the next PR update your site should have a nice PR of 3 or 4

METHOD-4: (old Youtube trick)
STEP1: Create a youtube account
STEP2: Switch to the old design (very important cause if you don't do that your link will not be visible on the homepage and the only way to get it visible is using the normal ADD link option but that makes the link no-follow)
STEP3: Fill in your website in the profile section
STEP4: Scrape a list of high PR youtube channels
STEP5: Filter it through OBL checker to get unspammed ones
STEP6: Comment on these channels, you'll get a link back to your channel so your own youtube channel will get a high PR that will flow back to your money site cause of the link you put in your profile.

Disclaimer: All these methods work 100% right now. Don't over do it on each account, 10-20 of PR5+ links for the Tumblr and Youtube trick is plenty to get your moneysite to PR3-PR4. When using multiple accounts on each site make sure you use proxys or a VPN service and run CCCleaner each time you setup a new account to clear cache/cookie's and what not

Have fun with it!

ps method1 and 2 are the most stable reliable ones, method 3 & 4 work now but might not work in the future. Obvious don't forget to remove duplicate domains before you start to check pagerank. Another tip is to use a bad word list as your keyword seed list to increase your successrate finding deleted blogs