Send Money Any Where Quickly To Your Dearest One [Working in India Also] via Google Wallet

Hello Friends,

As you all know that Google had already announced Google wallet in which we can send money to any person paying via debit card or credit card. but now google has also launched it in India in which we can send money easily to other friend via online web or mobile app. 

All you need is a Gmail Account through which you can register yourself into google wallet. [Registration form appears something like this as shown below]

Just fill out the registration form and add your credit card or debit card. And then, done! Just click on send money input your details and send money. 

for More info visit http://wallet.google.com

Kindly share this info and help your friend to transfer money easily.

Thanks for subscribing stay connected for more tips and tricks.

Highest Free Recharge Site with free calls and 460 Character SMS

Hello, This is exciting site that provides free calls of 4 minutes to anywhere in India. It also provides you free 460 character SMS. 

Site also provides highest Free Recharge Feature in which: 

1. You will get 2 paisa for each sms you send
2. You will get 3 paisa for each quiz you attempt 
3. You will get 3 paisa for each True false question you attempt 
4. You will get 1 paisa for each poll you attempt 
5. You may earn upto Rs 5 for each refferal minimum Rs.1 

How To:

1. Visit here www.fcall.in
2. Register with new account.
3. You will get four digit password by sms to your mobile 

Additional Feature : 

Mobile Tracking 
Ip tracking 
DND check without CAPTCHA
Great thing about fcall.in: 
Crystal clear voice 
No waiting in queue 
4 minutes of call

BITCOIN TYCOON | How I Made $6500+ in Bitcoin | 100% Unsaturable

Hello guys,

This is a new professional leak that will never be saturated since it depends on the person and how good is he in doing this.
Using it you will earn a lot of money and you will bank very easily.
I didn't try it since it's not applicable in my country, but I thought that I must share it for everyone because if it will not benefit me it will benefit others.
So here you go...

[Image: vW4PNEE.png]


Note: The post is locked only to reduce spam.


Enjoy Wink

★★★★ ►►► LEGIT CASH IN HANDS + Your Own Mastercard! ★★★★ ►►►

Tired of making tons of money online?
Ever wanted it in your hands? No Credit card or Bank Account? Heres the perfect ebook for you!

 Get your own Prepaid Mastercard + Cold Cash!

- Withdraw from ATM's
- Reloadable without Credit Card.
- No Limits!

You don't need:
- Drivers License
- Photo Identity
- Credit card to load money

Now you guys are wondering how? Its all in my ebook Smiling

[Awesome Leak][High Demand] Adsense Cash Revolution- Earn Upto $100+ A Day

(Tutorial) t0rrent Method ($100 a day)

This is the t0rrent method I used so far and made over $100 in a week. It includes t0rrent, brain and a CPA Network Smiling).

I just tested this t0rrent method and earned a whopping $60 in 4 days and in 5th I continue to make $50+. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Now on the method:

You need:
IMPremium CPA Network Account (lock your link)
Android Games Downloaded ( only a few)
PirateBay or similar account

Now, what you're going to do is very easy and new. Go to Piratebay and in ''top 100'' go to Android games. Download the ones that have the most seeders and leechers (4-5 games). Once you download them, in a notepad write Cheats for the game are here: ''your IMPremium link'' and save it as Cheats.txt. Now choose the one game you downloaded (example Need for Speed) and extract it from t0rrent.

Now what you need to do is create your t0rrent of the game -Need for speed in this case - and add a Cheats.txt. to it(you can easily create t0rrent with Bittorrent, check on Google how to do it), now save it all as ONE t0rrent and upload on Pirate Bay and similar t0rrent sites. Do this for the rest of the games you downloaded. And that's it.

Once a user from Piratebay downloads a Need for Speed game he will also download the ''cheats.txt'', where he can see the cheats for that game. Your t0rrent won't get deleted because you provide him with the game he wanted and cheats.txt is optional. (at least for them). Once a user sees a cheats text file that he downloaded together with game he will click on it and see your IMPremium link. One he clicks he'llbe redirected to IMPremium survey where you'll earn $$$. I'm currently using this method for a week and the results are great.

Why I'm using IMPremium ? Well, they have a link locker option and great affiliate managers. I've got approved in under 24 hours. My EPC is 0.15 which is more than other networks I've been, but it's all about testing.

Hope I've helped and please write if you have any query. Cool

[GET] MediaFire Template - Boost Your Conversions!

Hey everyone,
I'm sure some of you can find a use for this.

Video: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B30IirdL...ms5ZkdaLUU

Couple Screenshots:
[Image: iyAp9uz.jpg]

[Image: uR0cxxr.jpg]

It's edited so that it's easy to set it up with your file.
First unzip it and open the folder.
The folders inside of "Yoursite.com" are setup to look like media fire,
but if you want you can put the index file anywhere and it will still look right and load everything.
You can change the random code and the folder inside to match your niche.
To edit the actual html page, open it with with a text editor and search "YOURFILE" in all caps. Everywhere that needs to be replaced with your file name has that placeholder (12 in total). Just replace them, upload and you're good to go.

Virus Total:

Get the Template:
And the background for your content locker:

Now enjoy your earnings,

Merry Christmas Basket

[GET] CPA Income Boss (Start Generating Sales within 72 Hours!)

[Image: head.jpg]

"Started Generating Clicks, Impressions & Sales Within 72 HOURS"

[Image: proof21.png]




YouTube View Bot [Version 1.0 EN][+10000 Views Per Day]

[Image: XeUodGT.png]

I once sat down and written in C # a YouTube View Bot!

This sends a step 12 views on a given video.
After pressing to stop the program refreshed every web browser and you get back 12 Views more!

The program is free of charge to 100% and currently undetected.
Version 1.0 EN is in English and a little buggy.

Downlaod bot:


[Image: ONftRM8.jpg?1]

Sales Thread:

Download Link:

First two video downloads: http://ge.tt/45BaWwe1/v/0
Last video download: http://ge.tt/3iAFXwe1/v/0

The Ultimate PPD Tutorial [Make $70+/ every day]

How to find HOT niches:

First Way To Find Your Niche is YouTube.
Go to YouTube and at the left side find Trending. Click on Trending and find out what's hot on YouTube. Always when I'm searching for niche on YouTube I'm finding at least one hot trending niche/idea for me. So for example right now I can see that Halo 4 is pretty hot niche. You can check daily and once you see something that you think will bring you a lot of money, you should start promoting it instantly while it's hot.

Second Way To Find Your Niche is Google.
If you can't find your niche on Google then you're brainless. It's really simple, all that you need to do is to go to Google and search for upcoming movies, find hot movie that's incoming in the next few days and once you got your niche/idea/movie, start promoting it.

Third Way To Find Your Niche is Your Brain.
Yeah just use your brain, I'm pretty sure you're not brainless. Think what is worth to complete survey. Think what would you complete survey for. Simple as that, for example at the moment I think I would finish survey for Diablo III product key.

Examples of saturated niches:
- Facebook Password h@ck.
- Hotmail Password h@ck.
- Yahoo Password h@ck.

Examples of HOT niches:
- Diablo III product keys.
- Halo 4 cr@ck/Keys.
- Think with your brain.

So that's from me, as you can see it's pretty easy to find your niche/idea. Next thing that you'll need to do to monetize is to get some traffic to your niches. Follow my second tutorial on how to setup your niches.

How to set your niche up:

Found your niche already but you don't know how to setup? It's really easy just follow the few tips that I'll tell you and you'll be ready to promote your niche! This doesn't require you to spent a lot of time.

Setup your niche at blogspot.
First of all create your free account at Blogspot. After you created your free blogger account, click on create a blog button.

- Blog title: Make sure it looks good and catch on eye. Make sure all keywords are related to your niche.

- Blog address (URL): Make sure the name of your blog will be related to your niche. For example if your niche is for Wireless cr@ck your blogger name need to look like wirelesscrack. blog spot or something like that.

now click on Continue and select Simple as your main blogger template then click again Continue and finally click on Start Blogging. Once you're done you'll be redirected to create your first blogger post.

Okay so now you need to be really professional and make high quality post for your niche that will attract people to download your files. First of all, make sure you have an awesome title for your post. Good title example for Wireless cr@ck niche would be How To cr@ck Wireless - Works as of May 2012 bad title for your post would be free wireless cr@ck

Next thing that you need to do is your post. Make sure it will look very professional with every single detail related to your niche. Like when it was released, by who was released, how it works, how to download, why to download, why did you survey protect your file, how to setup, and everything as much as possible.

Useful tips to get more downloads:
Make sure you bold important things in your post.
Make sure you have good proof that your niche/file/ or what ever you offer is working.
Make sure you show them virus scan from VirusTotal.
Make sure you don't have grammar mistakes in your post.
Make sure you have awesome download button.

Once you're done with your post you're ready to design your blog. I recommend you to design your own logos for your blog > Design > Header > Edit > Upload Pic or URL, I recommend you to have white background or black background. To change your background you need to go to Design > Template Designer > Background > Upload White/Black pic.

Oh well, if you don't want to mess with designing you can just search on google and find awesome templates for blogger.

Example of websites that offer awesome blogger templates:

Once you download your blogger template just go to Template > Design > Edit HTML and upload your file.

How & where to promote your niche:

After you've found your niche and did full setup for your niche you're ready to promote your niche! There's a lot of ways to promote your niche. Remember that if you promote more you'll earn more. More traffic = more $$$.

Where To Promote?

- YouTube.
- Dailymotion.
- Metacafe.

- Facebook.
- Forums.
- Blogs.

Promoting via YouTube is really easy. All that you need to do is to record your screen with Camtasia, showing people how your niche works / how to download / virus scan. Make sure after you're done with your video your WATERMARK your video, means you add link from your website on your video so if someone re-uplooad your video your website will be still here and bring you traffic. I recommend you to upload up to three videos per YouTube account so you don't get banned.

Promoting via Dailymotion/Metacafe or any other video sharing site is same like YouTube. Just upload your videos to Dailymotion and Metacafe and read my YouTube tutorial again and do the same to your videos.

- Promoting via Forums is really boring but can bring you awesome targeted traffic! First of all you need to find forums related to your niche. Search on google for your niche + add forums. For example If my niche is Wireless cr@ck then I would search on google for Wireless Forums. Register on 5-6 forums and make new HQ threads explaining people how your program/niche works. Make sure your posts are HQ to avoid getting banned.

- Promoting via Blogs is very good to get HOT targeted traffic. How I'm doing this? Same like forums but instead of searching for forums on google i'm searching for blogs (blogspot)'s. Example if my niche is Wireless cr@ck then on google I'll search for Wireless cr@ck blogspot. In first search results few good ranked blogs will popup related to your niche. Open them and scroll down and find comments. In comments explain people that you're offering free "your niche" and give them link. Using this method I was generating around 200-300 visitors to my niche per day.

- Promoting via Facebook is very different. I have my own method of promoting but I'm not gonna tell it because it will get saturated. So to get some traffic related to your niche just go to facebook and search for fan pages related to your niche. Post your links in comments and on their fan page. I'm pretty sure you'll get some visitors. Do this every week.

PayPal Magnet v1.7 [Make over $50 an hour]

░▒▓█► S0UF Gay Bomber 2.0 ◄█▓▒░ [NO G-MAIL NEEDED!] - [Completely Anonymous!]

S0UF Gay Bomber 2.0

Hey guys, it's a long time ago i released S0UF Gay Bomber 1.0, it still works great, but i just updated it a little bit.
Now it's impossible to block this bomber, you can only block it by Server-IP, but who will do that? No one.

What's the update?
The e-mail sender has random letters.
The body message has random letters.
It's faster
1 Mail per second
60 Mails in a minute
3600 Mails in a hour
86400 Mails in a day
2678400 Mails in a month
31536000 Mails in a year

Anyways, just try it out and you'll see the difference between 1.0 and 2.0!

If you got any problems or something, feel free to report them and i'll help you out with it.

[Image: PJLAn.png]


Virus Scan:


Can the victim see my IP address in the mail-header?
No he can't, it's completely anonymous.
When you bomb him, he'll see the Server-IP where the emails come from, but he won't be able to see your IP address.
So don't be afraid.

Let me know what you think about it!

Working [TuT]Instagram Exploit to Download Any Picture

This method gives high resolution copies, and is much better than using your Iphone to screen shot the picture and cropping it. This method is great for those looking to edit a picture found on someone else's Instagram account.

1. Sign on to instagram on an actual computer, running a web browser that allows the user to look at the pages source code. I will be using the worlds largest botnet (Google Chrome) for the example, but many other browsers will work too. Find your image you want downloaded.

2. Now go to the users account, and locate the picture, so it is just the stand alone picture and NOT your entire instagram desktop. Like so:

[Image: instagram1.png]

3. From here, right click over the image and select "View page source". If you right click and select "save as", you will be forced to save the entire HTML page per instagrams Terms and Service policy. And nobody wants that. Once you have opened the source, it should look like this:
[Image: instagram2.png]

4. Once you have done step 3, hit Ctrl+F and type in "distilleryimage". The actual picture will always be the one that is hyperlinked! Example:
[Image: instagram3.png]

5. Now, click on the hyper link, and the high quality image should be in its own individual tab on your web browser, allowing you to right click and download. Like so:
[Image: instagram4.png]

This completely breaks instagrams TOS (Terms Of Service), so if you do decide to do this be careful with copy righted material.

GCa.sh 3 Methods earning 25$ a day easily! [30 Minutes per day]

The Basics:

GCa.sh is a URL Shortener by the owners of GProfit.de. GProfit.de paid out over 550.000€ in the last 5 years! It is run by a registered company in germany with 25.000€ in registered capital.
You can earn 2.5$ per 1000 Visits on WORLDWIDE traffic. No shitty up to 10$ CPM when you in reality just get 1$ or less!

Lets get started!

Setup GCa.sh Account
  • If you haven't, sign up to Gca.sh. Click Register and fill out the form or simply register using Facebook, Google or Twitter!
  • Use signupbonus as the vouchercode to receive 3$ as a signup bonus (you will be my ref!)
Shorten Your Links
  • Once logged in, you'll see this tool which you can use to shorten links:
[Image: 9045029e4c30105b8b4530377568d664.png]
  • Use any URL you want to shorten - depending on the method you will be using!

Hint: With the methods here you will archieve 10000+ hits per day with just 30 minutes of work per day!

The eWhore Method
or: Horny Guys Without Brain

Step 1: Find Pictures of Hot Girls
  • Upload 2 pictures to imgur.com
  • Shorten the imgur links with the tool in your user dashboard on GCa.sh
  • Mask your links with Bit.ly (better safe than sorry!)
Step 2: Go to Kik/Snapchat Websites and Post your Profile
  • Go to this list of websites and submit your fake snapchat/kik-profile with your shortened links from GCa.sh
  1. http://www.snapchatfriends.net/
  2. http://kikfriend.com/
  3. http://www.kiksnapme.com/

Step 3: Go to Kik / Snapchat sexting forum
  • Go to any of the forums listed below and start spamming new threads in every category. Choose a thread title like "18/F/Horny looking for horny sexting buddy".
The thread should look something like this:

Quote:I'm 18, female, super horny Sad
Please help me get off :*

here's my number: http://bit.ly/djq8w9

Here's a pic of me: http://bit.ly/asdj8s

Here's what I look like: http://bit.ly/ahsd89

Here's a short sneak :* http://bit.ly/asdh88

AND here is my snapchat && kik ! http://bit.ly/asxk33

Please comment or I wont add u XOXO
  • List of Forums:
  1. http://snapchatusername.com
  2. http://kiksexting.com **BIG TRAFFIC**
  3. http://thesextingforum.com
  4. http://www.snapchatforum.com**BIG TRAFFIC**

Hint: This is in my opinion the best method out there to earn money with short links. This is an easy 10k clicks PER DAY itself if you do it persistently!

The Socialmedia Method

Step 1: Setup Facebook & Addmefast Accounts
Hint: You need to enter a valid address to register with both services.

Step 2: Add Links to advertise on Addmefast
[Image: _bcc1f16fc30146adf9711e6a098a43f1.png]
  • To archieve best short-term profits, use twitter Tweets. To archieve best long term profits, use Facebook shares! Feel free to copy my tweet:
Quote:Slow Internet? 3 Easy Methods To Boost Your Internet Speed! !your gcash link!

[Image: _3d6b0ab59117f5f03d99a06c4ca4f705.png]

Step 4: Earn points on Addmefast
  • To earn points for advertising, simply share posts or watch youtube videos etc.
Hint: Combine this method with the YouTube (Download link to Mediafire) method to really make cash. This method can give you the boost you need to push your rankings for the YouTube videos without posting in forums.

Step 5: Repeat and see profits!

Just 30 Points of Tweets can give you 200 Hits on a link. Thats CRAZY!

And now...the absolute best method if you are looking for longterm profits. This can really go wild. The best videos I hosted reached up to 2.000.000 views. The average you can expect of one good done video is minimum 60.000 views in 1 week. But they never stop giving you views to your link!

The Youtube Method
(Download from mediafire .pdf)

If you like my methods, please leave a comment and tell me because I really put alot of effort into this Smiling

[Image: 0941d2ab4bcad37c394f6ee7efc8208a.png]

[Method] How To Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In Single Click

                                                 Everyone knows that facebook is one of best place for all the bloggers to promote or share their blog posts.If you share posts on your facebook timeline or wall than very few peoples saw your posts.In this case, facebook groups can drive more traffic to your posts.So, first we need to join lots of groups and post our blog posts there.But it takes too much time to post all groups one by one.We are also facing the same problem before.Now we got a solution of it and today we will share a great trick to post all facebook groups in only one click.

1. First of all you need to join lots of facebook groups related to your blog niche.After joining wait for admin approvel to become a member of group.

2. After geting approvel from groups admin we have to collect the facebook e-mail addresses of joined facebook groups.

3. Some groups prvide their facebook e-mail address in their group info.Otherwise we have to find the username of the group.We can easily get the username of facebook groups by opening them into our browser.After opening groups you can see group address on our browser address bar.It will something like below link.


4. Copy the username of the facebook group and paste them into notepad or wordpad.

5. Now its time create facebook groups e-mail address from their usernames.We just need to paste the username just before @groups.facebook.com.Now facebook groups e-mail address look like below e-mail address.


6. Use above steps to create e-mail address for all joined groups and don't forget to seperate them with commas.After creating e-mail addresses for all groups save them into notepad,wordpad,MS Word etc.

7. Now sign in your e-mail address which you have used to create acount on facebook.

8. Than click on compose e-mail option.

9. Now copy all facebook groups e-mails and paste them into BCC field.

10. Now compose compose you mail with text,links and images that you want to post.And click on send button.

11. That's it.Now check facebook groups, your message is successfully posted in all groups.

Note : You can't post on unjoined groups and please don't spam in groups.You may got banned for spamming in groups by group owners.
You have follow above steps again to post again on all groups.Above trick will save your lots of time and you also get decent traffic from facebook.We hope you like above post.If you are facing any problem please share it with us below in comments, we will try to solve this.

Free Working ZenMate - Internet Security

ZenMate - Internet Security
Install ZenMate in 30 seconds and for free
Encrypts and protects your browser traffic
Hides your real location and activity
Access any website from anywhere
For free and just a few clicks away!

WebSite Officl !
let's start : Add ZenMate For Free

[Image: Captureiii.PNG]

entre you email

[Image: hhij.PNG]
and now :

[Image: hhhhhhhh.PNG]
let's try it with hulu : website only for ip up Smiling

[Image: hl.png]

Notice : this vpn it's only for browser Smiling

Fileice New Downloading Method [September 2014] |

                                                               Hello Guys! Today I am Going to Post the Fileice New Downloading Method. You need a Facebook Account to use This Method. You Need To Like a Facebook Page and Your Download Will Start. This Trick in Founded By- Vishal Jaswal...

How To Download From Fileice:

1)  First of All Delete your Browsers all Cookies and History.

2)  Disable Any Download Manager Like Internet Download Manager. To Disable Internet Download Manager Go to- Downloads>Options>Uncheck your Browser and Click on Ok.

3)  Go To the Fileice Link Which you Want to Download.

4)  Click on Regular Download.

5)  Survey List Will Appear. In The Survey List, Select the Survey- "LIKE the Official Sony Xperia Facebook Page."

6)  When Full Page Opens Click On- "Like"

7)  Enter Your Facebook Username and Password and Click On Log in

8)  Wait Till Next Page Opened, Your File Will Start Downloading :)...

Enter The Matrix 2003 - Highly Compressed 1.35 GB to 205 MB - Full PC Game Free Download

Enter the Matrix is the first video game based on The Matrix series of films. Its story was concurrent with that of The Matrix Reloaded, and featured over an hour of original footage, directed by the The Wachowski Brothers and starring the cast of the film trilogy, produced exclusively for the game. It sold one million copies in its first eighteen days of release, 2.5 million over the first six weeks, and ultimately 5 million copies.

Developer: Shiny Entertainment.
Publisher: Atari, Bandai (Japan).
Distributor: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Features Of This Compressed Game:
Highly Compressed To 205 MB.
Easy To Install and Play With Guide.
No Game Crash Issue.
Extract and Play Available.
Full Version With Pre Activated.
100% Checked and Secure (Tested By MA4ALL Team)

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium III or AMD Duron 800MHz Processor
VGA: nVidia GeForce 256 or ATI Radeon 8500 Class Video Card
DX: DirectX 9.0
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
HDD: 4.3 GB or More Free Space

Download Matrix 2003 Full Game Direct Link Or Torrent From Bellow:

Download Direct   Download Torrent
How To Install This Game:
 1. First Open - "Enter The Matrix.exe" Setup File.
 2. Now Select Which Location You Want To Save This Game ...... Default Is Your Program Files.
 3. Wait Few Minutes (2-3 Min)
 4. All Process Will Complete Automatically.
 5. After All Done You Can See a Shortcut On Desktop. (Enter The Matrix)
 6. Now Click and Open The Game From Shortcut.
 7. Play And Enjoy ......... :)

CleanFiles New Method To Download Files- September 2014 |

Hello Friends if you want to download From ClenaFiles but you are not able to complete the surveys then Today I have a new Trick for you. Your download will begin without wasting your time...

How to complete CleanFiles Survey :

1) First of all connect with any Indian proxy .

2) Clear all your cookies and history. And Disable Any Download Manager Like Internet Download Manager. To Disable IDM Go to Downloads>Options>Uncheck Your Browser>Click on OK.

3) Open CleanFiles Link and Click on Download.

4) Survey List Will Appera. In the Survey List Select this Survey -  "Get A Sample Of P&G Brand At Rewardme.in"

5) When it redirect to "http://tracking.vcommission.com ...." Immediately stop loading.

6) And replace the whole URL With Following URL -http://www.rewardme.in/page/thank-you-page/registration-thank-you
 and click on go.

7)Wait Till Full Page Loaded, Your File Will Start Downloading :)...

Enjoy!!!  :)

Belgium MobiStar Free GPRS France

Belgium MobiStar Free GPRS France

Mobistar is one of the main actors in the world of telecommunications in Belgium and Luxembourg, active in mobile telephony, fixed telephony, fix data, ADSL and on other services with a strong growth potential. The company develops innovative products and services for the residential and the business market. Mobistar is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange and is part of the France Telecom group.

Free GPRS settings for MobiStar in Belgium are as follows:

Internet settings name: MobiStar GPRS
Network ID: Internet
Internet Settings Type: GPRS
GPRS access point name (APN): web.pro.be
Username: mobistar
Password: mobistar
Homepage address: www.google.com
Show images: Yes

Optional extra free GPRS settings if required will be

Belgium Mobile Network
It was founded in 1996 as a joint-venture between Telinfo and France Telecom, building a GSM 900 network and then founding a complementary DCS 1800 network.
Mobistar claims to have been the first GPRS operator in Belgium.


Hello Friends ,Today we share with you another Great Trick which working for long time But not publically shared till. Because This trick is based on BSNL CDMA EVDO service. Now you know that
very few people are using this service due to many difficulties :P like cdma modem, cdma Net supported phones etc. But guys if you have a cdma mobile phones which support modem or evdo data card then you can use it unlimited.

"BSNL also does not connect on BSNLNET Apn but for cdma network they have a specific APN reserved for only cdma users. So you can connect after some time with 0 rs BAL. but yes you have try several times before get that connection IP and also for connecting VPN You have to be quick other wise you won’t get it."

Getting back to the trick this trick is based on bsnl EVDO service. This Service is for BSNL EVDO data card user and this will only work in bsnl EVDO Card but never the less you can try it on other CDMA data card and mobile also. But i personally using it as my default networking client and facing no problem with this trick till now.

Features of BSNL 3G UDP Vpn Trick:-

    *Unlimited Download.
    *No speed capping.
    *High speed.
    *Torrent Supported.
    *Disconnection Free .
    *No Sim Blocking

Requirement Of This Trick :-

1. A BSNL EVDO Data Card ( You Can try it on other data cards also since i have not have any other CDMA device beside this BSNL Evdo data card i only tested this trick on it.
2. You can also use this trick on your mobile phone or tablet with help of DROIDVPN.
3. CDMA Network .'

How to Configure:

DOWNLOAD NOW----------->>>


Hello friends this is opera mini handler trick working 100%. Just follow the below steps and enjoy free internet trick on your android or java mobile phone with airtel.
Airtel New Operamin Handler Trick

Firstly you need to create a APN setting in your mobile.

Create new settings


Apn - airtelgprs.com

Proxy - server4.operamini.com

Port - 80

now save the setting.

Now download Operamini Handler and
Install opera mini handler in your mobile.

Open opera handler.


In Proxy Type- Http


and leave other field blank
and now save.

If any problem please post In Guestbook we shall try to solve your problem thanks.


Hi Guys !!! - NEWBLACKHAT OR MONEYAREA4ALL is Back Again With Aircel Wiki Trick. This Trick is Confirm Working in Some States. Let's Do It - With Aircel Wiki Trick.I know Many Of You Are Suffering From Slow 2g Internet , So here i'm came Back With Aircel Free Internet Tricks , Which Is Being Popular Day By Day , With Its High Speed And The Trick Which We Said As blocked But This Trick Didn't Got Blocked , as We Know That Aircel The No 1 Free Internet Working From Past Years , But At Now I'm Refreshing This Post So You Can Still Enjoy The Trick.

Features Of This Trick :

- Based on Wiki Host & VPN Config.

- APN - aircelwap

- Working in Zero Balance

- HTTP And Https Are supported

- Torrents Supported Via - zbigz.com or bytebx.com

- If Not Connect Use A Small 3G Recharge.

How To Use This Trick :
For PC Users :
1. First Install NMD VPN. If Already Installed Then Skip This Step.

2. If You Don't Have NMD VPN Then Download It From - Click Here to Download Nmdvpn.
3. Now Copy All Config Files And Paste Them Into VPN Configs Directory Of NMD VPN (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)

4. Now Connect Your Internet And Then - Right Click On NMD VPN Icon In Desktop And Run as Admin.

5. After That - From System Tray Icon Connect Your Net With Your Config. You Get Connect. Enjoy

For Mobile users:

Android mobile use can also use these Trick configs with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps :

1. Download Open VPN From Given Link

2.Extract It in a Folder and Browse To OVPN File Via File Browser.

3.Save The Settings as It Will Automatically Be Read by OpenVPN.

4.Connect It.

5.Wait For Sometime and VPN Will Be CONNECTED

Download Open VPN From-here to download.